20 July 2007

The cable guy came this morning to repair my connection and, of course, it was working. Figures, huh? Monday I get my FiOs installed and I'm hoping that works like a charm.

I'm off to work... I'll write for real tonight. Enjoy this beautiful day. Here in MD it's in the low 80's and windy with low humidity. I was outside for a while this morning, so I got my 'fix.'


Lynx217 said...

Good luck!!

jAMiE said...

I hope it keeps on working! Good luck with the FiOs...whatever that is? =)

Summer said...

The squirrel cracks me up.

Anonymous said...

Let me know how you like that FiOs... I'm really curious about that service.

... and by the way... SunRocket just went out of business (I hope you didn't sign up yet).

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