08 July 2007

OK...I'm ready to write. I'm all caught up on my blogs. I finished my book and haven't started the next. So, I'm ready.

I had time for a coffee at Border's after work yesterday. I tried a Cinnamon Latte and liked it as much as the Caramel. Good to know. I picked my mother up at the airport. She was returning from a 2 week visit with my sister in Georgia. First I couldn't find the cell phone lot, where I planned to wait till I got her call. Then I got on the wrong highway and had to take the next exit so I could get back on the right road. Then I missed my exit because of the distraction that is the cell phone. Finally I got to the right lot, and got my mom. We went to an Italian restaurant for dinner, then headed home. She sat with me watching the bird feeders on my deck, than sat on the porch reading while I did my usual. You know. She went to bed early and I went next door and watched the movie, Annapolis, with my neighbor Kelly. It was a little too violent for me, but OK. So, that was my Saturday. Mom and I hung out this morning, then went to her house. I unpacked her luggage, did her hair color, had lunch, and had my dad help me with my tip envelopes. That took a long time. I'll explain...when clients tip they either give me cash, or put my tip into a tip envelope. I use the cash for most of my purchases, but save all the envelopes. Today we opened all the envelopes that I had collected over the last 6 months. It's really fun to do, and the table is covered with my tips. I use the money to pay for large purchases, like my new garage door, the repair of my bay window, my laptop, etc...I don't have anything in mind to buy now and will resist the urge to do something like buy an LCD TV. I don't need one, just want.

Today has been brutally hot. I know that everyone is having terrible weather and am thankful that it's just the heat we're dealing with. It's too hot for the pool, or to be outside. So, I'm at Caribou Coffee. I'm sitting by a large window, and the place is filled with fellow coffee lovers. It's a good place to be. I just got off the phone with Kit and she's on her way to meet me here. I guess I'll be staying!

Emily left early this morning and is in Niagria Falls now. She was so excited! I'll miss the good times we have but it will be a nice break for both of us. Emily's dad was an event planner, and knows how to put together a great vacation. Emily, if you're reading this, I miss you already!


jAMiE said...

What fun it must be to count your tips.. and well deserved i'm sure.

Nice that Emily is in the Falls, which is close to where i live...not the greatest of weather here but i hope she has a good time, the Falls are amazing.

Hope you enjoy your Sunday evening..take care.

SpringMist said...

I love Cinnamon Latte! Usually my 1st choice.
Hope Emily enjoys her holiday!

Well the weather has been too hot everywhere! More so thn last year. Blame it on global warming!

Hv a good week!

Billy said...

I love the cinnamon dulce from Starbucks, my second favorite drink behind the dulce de leche. So, what's a girl to do? Any thoughts for an adventure this week? I say you do something you normally would not do. Have some fun!

Anonymous said...

Ugh, that whole stress of trying to pick someone up at the airport and not knowing which exit to take or where to park and then having to get on and off the freeway. I've been there myself. It really sucks.

At least you found a nice new drink afterwards though...


captain corky said...

Hope you enjoyed the rest of your weekend.

Dan said...

It was brutally hot here as well! And I would have been drinking some Cinnamon Latte as well had I thought of it! :)

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