13 July 2007

I did it! I paced myself and had time for everything...this morning. Right. I used that word again. Well, it is the morning.

I have 30 minutes of computer time before I leave. I got up early and walked. That makes four days this week. I'm psyched about that. I came home and watered, and weeded. (When I told my mom she said, that's 3 W's. She likes to count things). I made my salad and shrimp salad to bring in for work. I finished my book! I got ready for work and have my breakfast ready to go. My clothes are laid out. And here I am. It's a wonderful morning. Yes, I'm outside again and the weather is just great. I wish I could stay longer, but I can't, and can't complain.

Well, I have to write about my party house. You heard right. I'm talking about my feathered friends. It's the funniest thing. The last few days I've come home and my wild bird feeder in front has been empty. I couldn't imagine that the regular birds were emptying in in less than 7 hours. I filled it again last night, and have been watching it from outside and from my windows every chance I get. Here's the scoop: The perches can hold 6 birds, and they're always full, with 4-5 birds clinging on the bark of the tree, waiting. I don't know how many are in the branches hanging out. The finch feeder next door also holds 6 birds and is always full. There's 4-6 morning doves on the ground eating the spillage. I've seen all the regular finches, plus blue jays, cardinals, and a woodpecker. You should see how many fly away when they're startled. The best part? There's 3 squirrels running around on the tree and ground and, they can't get to the feeders! This is quite a thrill for me. Now, I'm not so foolish as to say never, because I'll probably come home to watch them hanging off the empty feeder. But for now? I find this spot on my porch to be the most entertaining place to be. I know what that says about me. 1) I don't have much of a life. 2) I'm easily amused.


SpringMist said...

Hi. I dont hv a car so I hv to walk to the bus stop which is a 25 minutes walk alwys but I cant chalk it up to going for real walks! Real walks involve taking in the nature, breathing in the fresh air, letting urself be immersed in ur surroundings as wht ur doing right now! Keep it goin!
Birds nest, poop, n wake me up 6am on my room window everyday so I dont really need a bird feeder!

Portia said...

sounds to me like a lovely, serene life...although i'm sure you have moments that are otherwise described;)

every morning when i pull up to my in-laws' to drop off my boys for the day, i scare a bunch of squirrels and even more birds away from their feeders. i'm not into spooking animals, but it's kind of a cool sight to see them all fly off and scatter at once.

as always, i so enjoy your pictures. the bird bath is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I think you are a morning person period. My brain doesn't even turn on for a couple hours!

I think it's a great life to just sit out there and enjoy nature at it's finest.

jAMiE said...

Goodness sakes, you are always so busy...

Neponset River Bridge Dig said...

Or it could be #3 you have a good atitude about life love and nature.

Neponset River Bridge Dig said...

What no Old Country Buffet post here - what's going on with you Cheryl?

Cheryl said...

kyrie...I'd probably enjoy your walk too. Lots to see.

portia...Did I say I have a teenage daughter? Trust me you only hear the good stuff!

susan...I am a morning person. I only go into work early on Saturdays, so the other days I have lots of time to get stuff done.

jamie...I only sit still when I'm sitting on my porch. I get that from my mother.

rich...I try to have a good attitude :)). Old Country? I ate. A lot!

Terroni said...

This sounds like an amazing morning, Cheryl!

Terroni said...

Oh, and every time you write about your yard, I can't help but want to visit your little nature preserve.

Maybe you should throw garden parties :>

captain corky said...

It sounds more like you're at peace with yourself. People pay big bucks to figure out why they don't feel that way Cheryl.

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

I LOVE watching animals. There's something just so relaxing watching birds, squirrels, lighting bugs, bunnys to sooth everything else within.
That's so awesome for you. I'm jealous. I sure could use some peacefulness.
Can you try and get a picture? You could turn this into a childrens book..something about lessons learned from cohabiting, coexisting..every animal, bird doing for themselves, ultimately helped the other.

Granny said...

After reading some of your posts, you seem to have found a life that suits you.

Love your newfound object of attention!

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