22 July 2007

I don't remember the last time I wrote a proper entry here. Maybe I'm running out of things to say? Hmmm.

I've been keeping up with my walking, but I'm not having any fun doing it. I walk and think: 'I'm hating this. When will I be done? Fortunately, I keep on going. I think part of the reason is the music I've been listening to. It's just too slow. Too much Norah Jones. I've been deleting a lot of songs from my MP3 and need to add new stuff. Like Toby Keith. I used to love walking to his songs. Here's what I have on my player now: Alicia Keys, Corrine Bailey Rae, The Dixie Chicks, The Fray, James Blunt, John Mayer, Keane, Regina Spektor, the television soundtrack from Dawson's Creek, and Rob Thomas. All good stuff, but not quite the right mix.

Jamie asked about the FiOS I've mentioned. It's Verizon's fiber-optic Internet and TV service that they're installing throughout the country. They installed it in my neighborhood 3 years ago, but it just became available this month. Comcast has taken Verizon to court on flimsy technicalities at every turn to try to stop them. They don't want to give up their almost monopoly. Here's a little official blurb: FiOS is the latest in fiber-optic technology. It delivers laser-generated pulses of light, riding on hair-thin strands of glass fiber, all the way to your front door. I hope that the days of losing my Internet connection are gone, and that my FiOS will be super fast to boot. Tomorrow will be a stay at home day. Verizon will get here between 8 AM and noon, and the install can last up to 6 hours. Can you imagine that? I can't and hope they get here at 8 and out by noon.

Today has been the 3rd day in a row with outstanding weather. No air-conditioning. A blue sky with fluffy white clouds. Low humidity and in the 80's. The sun is setting right now and it's beautiful. Just thought I'd share that with you.

Emily and I spent a good part of the day at the pool with our neighbors. It was perfect. Ahh, summertime.


Terroni said...

I love the squirrel picture, Cheryl...so cute!

SpringMist said...

Norah Jones makes me sleepy!
U should download Gym Class Heroes, they rock!
I usually download a lot of indie rock at http://ct.download.com (The Download.com), probably because it is free n legal!

BTW, so jealous of ur super high speed Internet n good weather! :)

Amanda said...

Good luck with the installation. I hope it will be quick and painless!

captain corky said...

"Today has been the 3rd day in a row with outstanding weather"

This weather had been unbelievable fantastic! It kind of reminds me of the way Summer is described in books and old movies.

Annabel said...

I wish I could go without air conditioning right now. I keep fighting it and only turning it on when I can't stand it any more (and I start browning on the edges because it is as hot as an oven.)

I hope your internet gets installed soon!

jAMiE said...

Thank you so much for explaining that Cheryl...i wonder if we have that here? Hmmm...

I'm glad you're getting such nice weather...it's been nice here too, can't complain about that though they say the heat and humidity is on the way.

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