02 July 2007

It was a gloriously beautiful day. Impressive. A gift. I spent the entire day outside, and didn't come in till dark. Emily stayed in and cleaned the house. She did a great job. Allowance is a great incentive, plus sometimes she's just in the mood. I wound up hauling 23 bags of mulch that I stacked under my deck. Emily and I mowed the lawn. I worked in the garden, deadheading the plants that needed it, and adding mulch to the areas that got messed up when I attacked the mole. I listened to music on my MP3 player while I worked. Nice. I'll have to post some new garden pictures--everything's in full bloom.

We went to Andover Park in the afternoon. It's on the grounds of BWI airport, about 15 minutes from where we live. The planes fly directly overhead as they cross the road to land at the airport. The park has a great playground, many benches, and a 16 mile paved trail that takes you through a beautiful pine forest. It's fascinating to watch the planes. People bring lawn chairs and just hang out. I think the adults love it as much as the children. Emily and I have ridden our bikes along the trail, but today we walked. We brought a picnic lunch. It was just great. We passed walkers and runners, and people on bikes, skateboards, and scooters. It was a great day to be outside. That's me in the hat, and Emily's boyfriend in the middle.

How was your weekend?


captain corky said...

Beautiful pics!!! My weekend was pretty good. Anytime I'm away from work I'm happy.

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

WOOW!! That's a cool ass picture!!
I love your style of pic taking. Gosh, all of you bloggers are fantastic creative people!! :)
Glad you had a nice weekend, then.
and your garden looks great!

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