30 July 2007

Today has been so BLAH. Yucky. Long and wasted. I just couldn't fall asleep last night. I turned off the light for the first time at midnight. Then it was on again, off and on, I should say, till 2:30. Then I was up at 6:30. I've been having some sensitivity in my back molars, so I called my cousin whose husband is my dentist, and they fit me in with a 10:00 appointment. I went to Sam's Club first to look at tires. I've noticed that mine are about bald, and I'll be putting a lot of miles on with this vacation. No one was in the tire department, so I went to the dentist. He took out a filling to get at a new cavity, and did it without a shot. Yes! I went back to Sam's to find there's a 2.5 hour wait for tires. So, I paid for them (over $400!) and will go back before work tomorrow. My membership lets me get in at 7 AM, though I won't go that early. When I left there I went home, forgetting that I need my oil changed. I came home and did lots of laundry, but my eyes were bleary with lack of sleep, and I didn't get anything else done. Well I did, but the house is still a mess, and I have so much packing to do. I really needed a nap, but I never take one. I stopped the newspapers and the mail. Found the maps and printed directions. Got all the chargers together. Put all the food and cleaning supplies in boxes. I spent forever making a motel reservation in SC, about 430 miles into our trip. Em and I will leave this Friday morning, and arrive in Edisto Island, SC early on Saturday. We'll be there for the first week. I'm so excited. We were there 2 years ago, also with my GA family. This place, Edisto, is the real SC Lowcountry. If you've ever read a Pat Conroy novel, this is the place he writes about. I'll tell you more about it later.

I'm going to get up now and do some speed cleaning/packing/gathering/etc... so I can sit on the porch. Oh, here's a picture of the front porch at Edisto:

And, the side screened-in porch:

Yes, I'm excited.


Billy said...

You are going to have so much fun! I am so excited for you. Relax, kick your feet up, and find some young southern chap to feed you those bon bons!

jAMiE said...

Oh lucky you...have lots of fun and remember it all so you can tell us all about it when you get back...oh and i hope you sleep better tonight.

captain corky said...

Very nice. Take lots of pics while you're there for he blog. Will you be able to post from there?

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Wow, looks like a great place to hang out at. Have a good trip. I'd be excited too.

Lynx217 said...

That's mighty expensive for a set of tires, they better be Michelins at that price! Geez!!!! I paid 300 for a set back in 99, I can see inflation, but that's a LOT of inflation! Take tons of pics and get back soon, we'll miss you! But enjoy it, we'll still be here.

Amanda said...

I hear you, stress can trigger insomnia here too. Particularly pre-vacation-stress!

SpringMist said...

Have a great holiday!
Get a lot of rest until Friday so that u can hv more energy for the trip!
I never read Pat Conroy's stuff before. I will check it out.

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

Have a great time.
As much as packing and last minute things are a pain..isn't it what in a way, makes the vacation?
the planning and anticipation..
because as my family and friends refer to it,the orange spot (end of the vacation) shows itself the moment you step foot on your adventure. IT all goes by so fast.
Hectic planning-ugh..you have your plate full.
Have a great time..relax enjoy, and I know I'll be waiting to hear all about your adventures when you return.

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