12 July 2007

I was looking at some recent posts of mine and noticed that a lot of them have the word 'morning' in the first line. I guess I've been a morning writer.

I'm sitting outside, where I had my dinner. Guess what I ate? Tomato Pie. That and the zucchini pie have been my lunch and dinner every day since Monday. I'm almost tired of them. Almost. I'm going to bake another batch and put them in the freezer. I picked 6 ripe tomatoes today, and that's just too many to eat in a salad. You know?

I went to a wonderful garden center today looking for a bird bath to put in my front garden. My brother has one that I really liked, but I couldn't find it. The ones they had were all just too big. Finally I found this one. It's really meant to hold seeds, it turns out, but it was just what I didn't know I was looking for. It's made of iron and stands about 15" tall.

So Mom and I got to The Country Buffet at 11:00 when they opened for lunch. We were in line with the seniors and construction workers. We said hello to all the regulars we see there. One of these days I'm going to ask the couple who sit in the booth next to us how often they come. How can it be that the same people are always there, unless they eat there every day, or every Thursday or Monday, which is the days we go there? It's really a great value. I think the seniors we see regularly pace themselves, and stay for a long time. It might be their only meal of the day.

I've been outside since getting back home. Read my book. Filled all the bird feeders. Watered the plants. Ate. And here I am. Ah, what a day.


Ilene said...

I love the bird bath. Did you put it in your front garden? I bet something short like that fits in better than the regular ones.

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

WOW..what a beautiful birdbath!! Can I ask about how much you spent? I've been looking for one and I love angels..
Thank you for the book suggestion..what is it about?
I'll definitely pick that up at our local library! :)

jAMiE said...

I too love the bird bath Cheryl...i have a fondness for angels/cherubs. I bet your tomatoes are yummy, i hope you enjoy them.

Cheryl said...

Ilene..I put it in my front garden. I imagine it will rust, but I think that will just make it look...rustic.

crustybeef..The bird bath was $40 and was a gift from my parents. It's nice because it will also be a memory one day.

jamie..the tomatoes are delicious but have tough skins. I guess you can't have everything!

Neponset River Bridge Dig said...

Hi Cheryl - haven't seen you down at Penera Bread for a while where you been??? :))))

Cheryl said...

rich...I've been at Caribou Coffee. I haven't forgotten Panera, hmmm, maybe Sunday?

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