23 July 2007

It's done. Verizon got here at 8:30 and the technician left at 1:00. Yes! I've done a little exploring with the Internet and it seems fast. Very fast. More later.


Andrew said...

I'm so excited for you! It will probably be the next decade before they offer such a service here in podunk, Alabama. LOL

Have a great day off!


Anonymous said...

yea! It sure took them a long time to get you set up. But so worth it, I'm sure!

Portia said...

yay, how exciting! i hope you enjoy:)

you and i are not too far from each other, so i have been enjoying this absolutely BEAUTIFUL weather with you!

Annabel said...

Woo Hoo! Fast internet is good!

SpringMist said...

Cheryl has moved into the the next dimension, exploring the new frontier of Super Speed Internet!

captain corky said...


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