28 September 2008

How you know you're addicted to the Internet? You're going away for 35 hours and you're missing it before you go. Geez. I need to get a life.

A thought or 2:

If you're trying to stay away from ice cream, don't buy Turkey Hill Limited Edition Baked Apple Dumpling. You might have two bowls and want three.

If you're going to Ocean City, have at least 3 toasted coconut donuts at the 64th St. Market. That's what I'm doing. I'm bringing my walking clothes too.

Do you watch Desperate Housewifes and Brothers and Sisters? My DVR is set to record them tonight. I'm so excited!

Gotta go...almost time for my ride :)


ThursdayNext said...

Yeah, I am so off to the supermarket right now to get that ice cream.

Mo said...

Hope you have a great trip!

My DVR is set too. It's gonna be a good night for tv watching.

SOUL said...

i don't watch any of those-- but i am all for the FOOD !!!

you sound great-- have a blast !!!

i have ice cream in my fridge-- different kind , but i'm gettin some RIGHT NOW!!!
thanks pal :))
(email me)

happy sunday!

Summer said...

I was looking at the web cams in MB today. I'm missing that place. I hope you had a good time in OC.

Mary said...

I got way behind on reading/commenting and just about everything else. It was good to catch up with you and know that you are doing well.

I knew you are Jewish - don't remember how I knew. Last year I was impressed that you recognized Christmas with a lovely decorated home. No you aren't a bad anything! You are a loving, caring, gentle lady who enjoys the good things in Rosh Hashanah and Christmas. Traditions are a good thing - they keep us grounded and aware of our heritage.

I hope you are having a wonderful time in Ocean City.

Gin said...

Thanks for the food warnings. I'm trying to quit both ice cream and donuts! I know it's a dull existence, but after eating a lifetime of donuts and ice cream, I have to cool it a bit!!

Have a good trip. I can understand missing the internet...I do too, even when I'm at work!!

Moohaa said...

I actually don't watch any of those!

I am on the internet too much to miss it. Does that mean anything? :)

Golden To Silver Val said...

That ice cream sounds HEAVENLY. I must have it. (betcha they don't sell it here)

Brad said...

I never realized how much continuing education you guys go to. It make sense if I think about it with styles always changing (well, not my style...but...) I wish you were close by and could cut my hair - I need a real stylist and need to quit going to supercuts!

Hope your having fun!


fiwa said...

Have a good time at your convention!

Hey, I found a salon in Seattle that sells Devacurl. Yippee!!


kristi said...

I watch BOTH of these shows!!

Billy said...

I only watch B & S. I love it!

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