06 September 2008

Just time for a quick note before work. From the sounds of the weather report, I won't be going to Borders. The heavy rain and wind should start at noon, and they're saying we should stay in. We'll see. My nose has been stuck in my book, so I might just settle in here.

What's up for your weekend?


Summer said...

If you saw my hair this morning after walking outside, you'd scream! The humidity is out of control! I hope it's an easy day for you. I have a few errands this morning and then I'm inside cleaning for the rest of the day. Blech. Maybe I'll start a new book tonight.

Gin said...

Have a great relaxing day.

What book are you reading?

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Stay safe and dry.

I have to work on bills today. Argh.

Mo said...

Rainy days and books are a good combo.

My weekend? Today is the actual birthday. {gasp)

Ok, here it is in full detail for you.

Heading to the gym in about 45, to be followed by a trip to the library, the vet's office (buy cat food), stop in and check on my nephew (Mars' dog), haircut and color, possibly late lunch with the man, joint celebration this evening.

Tomorrow is football, a little bit of work, and some laundry.

Oh yea, exciting times I know. Don't be envious. LOL

Rick Rockhill said...

Rainy days and mondays always get me down. :-)

I have a bunch of laundry and errands to do today :-(

jAMiE said...

Stay safe Cheryl...snuggle up with your book when you can.

It's a rainy day here...i have laundry to do and dinner to figure out..other than that a nap for me today...

Unknown said...

How are you liking ...Edgar Sawtelle? I am a bit beyond half way, and after a short lull, it is picking up again!

Lena said...

Humid here as well, and it isn't helping me motivate myself to do all the cleaning I have to do.

But I have a hair appointment later and I love having my hair worked on.

Enjoy your book!

Billy said...

My weekend involves lots of cooking in this cool fall weather we have going on. I just love it! I wish it were like this year round!

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