29 September 2008

So I finally joined Facebook, and now I have less time than ever. I've been meaning to watch the shows I taped, but the computer has held my attention and not let me go! I did manage to get the pie crust baked and it's cooling and the cream cheese is softening.

We had a nice ride to the beach. Got a little lost and rode along a road surrounded by cornfields that ended in a 'T' and not a main road. It was scenic. The show was pretty worthless. I've been two other years, but this time it was a total waste. We all agreed. Here's a view from the back of the convention center onto Assawoman Bay.

And the beach. Much different this time of year than in season.

The house we stayed in was really nice and comfortable. We just hung out.

Here's the view from the back of the house. There was usually a blue or a white heron hanging out.

I was able to visit my sister and her friends at their O.C. condo on Saturday night. It was great catching up with them and getting to see my sister again. It was surreal to see all of them looking older. It's different when you see someone regularly...you don't notice. They all told me I looked great. Must be the injectables! Here's a self-portrait. I wonder if this is my better half?

Roadside market in fall mode

I'm going to close for now and finish up my pie. I'm way behind on reading blogs and I'm sorry. Out of sight but definitely not out of mind.


Lena said...

That is too bad that the show was worthless, but sounds like it was good to visit your relatives. Very nice pictures.

You look beautiful!

I just joined Facebook as well, mostly to keep up with my son in college. These kids Facebook more than email. But I agree, it is another big distraction.

Summer said...

Love the pictures! Enjoy your new year!

happyone said...

Sorry the show was worthless.
Beautiful pictures of the beach. I prefer the beach off season. I'd like to walk along the water.
I'll have to take a picture of my clothes line and email it to you.

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