21 September 2008

Random stuff of the day...

Coffee in the morning with Kit. It was nice getting back into our routine. We had our drinks and talk, then did a little grocery shopping before heading our separate ways. Next up: I drove Emily to a friend's house so they could go to Country in the Park at a wonderful outdoor venue, Merriweather Post Pavilion. I think they were having 5 bands, with Sugarland coming on last. It was a gorgeous day outside. I thought I might spend the day cleaning up my garden. Instead I painted the hallway leading in from my garage. It still had builder's paint-15 years old. Besides the closets and ceilings, it's the only part of the house that I haven't painted myself, or had painted. I bought a pint of Duron paint to see how I'd like the color, Olive Branch. I tried to find it on Duron's website, but it can't be found. Not by name or code number. I wanted to show you. Anyway, I thought it would be easy. The painting was, but not the taping. The little corridor has 3 doors and an entryway, and I'm a taping fool. I only did one coat, but I'm not sure I'm loving it. I'm drawn to green, and I loved this color at a friend's house, but I think it might be too bold. It is much, much better than the old chalky white it replaced. I painted a white posterboard with the paint, and I'll cut it into some panels and hang them around the kitchen, which gets lots of light. I might like it better there, and I might like the hallway if it matched the kitchen. We'll see. I'm going to ask my friend/painter Dave if he'll paint all my doors this fall. They need it and I just don't want to do them myself. I make it into too much of a production.

Is this post mundane, or what?

I needed to spend time on the porch with my laptop. It was just too nice out and I'd been inside all day. I put up my Fall flag. I thought I'd take a picture of it. Then I noticed my shadow and so, here's me and my flag:

I watched and watched for the hummingbirds, but it was for naught. I think the cool weather has sent them on their way. All I saw were mosquitoes. That was sad.

I have an appointment tomorrow with a new counselor. Trust me, I need it.

My face doesn't hurt anymore, but it's bruised and peeling a little around the injection sites. That's cruddy! And that's it for me tonight. Till the next time...


Jenny said...

Decorating is exciting, Cheryl! And you have a most comely shadow. Good luck tomorrow, dear.

marykay said...

I love the paint color. I am very boring always the same color, I need to bring some color in my life. Is the injection site suppose to peel? I am reexamining my face feeling like I need some injections! Have a beautiful week.

C.A. said...

I LOVE that color! It looks fantastic!

I think our hummingbirds will not be here much longer either!

I am waiting for an "after" shot of your new "face" post cosmetic intervention.

Happy Monday...



happyone said...

I think your paint job is very nice and I like the color too. I'll have to get over to your house one of these days and see it in person.
Nice shadow!! :-)
Good luck with the counselor.

Brad said...

I like the way the green and white of the doors contrast but I know what you mean about having enough light.

I was going to make a silly comment about your shadow holding a gun to your head (see pic) but thought better of it after your counselor comment. Hope that goes well.

Take care sweets !

fiwa said...

I like that green A LOT. I think it's really pretty.

Good luck today- I hope it helps.


Moohaa said...

I love the colors! Too bad we don't live closer. Painting is Roger's specialty. He rocks at it.

I'm glad you're reaching out. It takes a lot of guts to admit we need help.

Cheryl said...

Brad...you're so right! I did feel that way!

Gin said...

Love the flag pic with shadow! How cute!! Until I read Ruth's blog, I forgot it was fall!!!

I hope you're doing okay. I can't wait to see your photo after your procedure!!

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