08 April 2009

It's all good

Just a quick hello. I'm using Emily's computer since I can't use my own. I could have. I gave Dell my cell number as my primary contact number. I had my phone on my station all day and my laptop in the car. When I got home after work I found the technician had left a message on my home answering machine at 9:30 AM saying he had my part in hand and was ready to install it. Too bad for me that I was at work, where I said I could be contacted. Hopefully he'll call first thing in the morning.

I made a Starbucks run during a quick break at work. The 4 drinks in the holder got safely into my car. My drink wound up on my car mat. Every drop of my grande caramel latte, extra shot, extra caramel soaked right into the carpet and the sides of my seat. My car smells extra good. The mats are outside of the car right now, drying. The car windows are open so the rest of the drink can dry out. Good thing it's not hot. Lots of milk in that drink. They did make me a new one, no charge, and it was as good as ever.

My nephews are spending the night. I'll take them and Emily's friend to the bowling alley for 9:30-midnight bowling. I wish I felt a little more caffeinated..it's going to be a long night. Why do I feel like I could take a nap right now? I want them to have fun, so I'll stay up. I'll try to catch up on blogs. Time will fly.

There will be 18 of us at my folk's house tomorrow for Passover. It should be lively. I'll be sure to take pics.



happyone said...

Ah too bad about the spill in your car!
Have fun bowling tonight.
Taryn just emailed me - she got the job and is sooo happy!! Thanks for putting in a good word for her!!

KathyA said...

Your car is clean!!! Why didn't you just suck it off the mat???
Have a great seder. Shalom, Kath

fiwa said...

Midnight bowling - I used to love doing that! Do they turn off the lights and light the pins??

I hope you have a good time with your family tomorrow.

Jamie said...

Good heavens Cheryl, yet another issue with the technical stuff. I feel for you. I always feel so helpless with that kind of problem and you certainly have had enough of them.

Probably better clean the carpet in your car? I know what that milk smell will be like once it gets hot out...what a mess. And yet, you remain so postive, so sweet. You have the patience of job..

Hugs, friend. :)

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Have fun with the nephews. And good passover.

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