23 April 2009

A spring day with friends

I said I'd have a real post, and here it is. Well, it's forming. Getting longer with each sentence I type. I could go on like that, but, OK, I'll stop.

A fun time was had at Karen's house. I just love it there. Of course I took pictures, but Karen and Kathy didn't want to be in them. I had to settle for parts of their arms.

Cheryl's Mimi's Salad, Kathy's famous decaf Green tea and Karen's homemade wheat bread

Karen's fabulous cheesecake and strawberries

Wish you could have joined us

I just love the spring. Who doesn't? It's hard to imagine that parts of the country are getting snow while here everything is bursting with new life. The redbuds are in bloom, as are the dogwoods, tulip poplars and cherry trees. The pears are about done. Daffodils and tulips are up. Phlox abounds. The perennials are growing in leaps and bounds. I just love it. It's hard not to take pictures of it all, and I shouldn't since I've got years' worth of them. Still, it's spring and everything is new. Here's a picture of my neighbor's mutant cherry tree. The white buds will produce cherries that I'll pick. The tree is by the side of their house and they never go outside. Same neighbor whose truck I hit. The pink buds won't produce anything. It's supposed to be an ornamental tree.

I've downloaded my current audio book to my iPhone. I can either use my earbuds or the built in speakers. What a wonderful thing. I took a very short walk today, and wound up on a bench facing the 'beaver pond' with the sun in my face, listening to Prisoner of Birth by Jeffry Archer. I say short walk because of my knee. I'm definitely calling the orthopedist tomorrow. Anyway, it just felt so good to be outside. After dinner I sat on the porch with my laptop, writing and watching the hummingbird feeders, hoping that a hummingbird would show up. This is the week they arrive. Here's a picture that shows the branch that they like to hang from. Ignore the hook; I need to move it. I find it amazing that the hummers come back and find this same hanging-down little twig to perch on. Alas, no hummers tonight.

Things are pretty quiet on the home front. That's always a good thing. And it's almost Saturday. Again.


Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

I love spring too. That tree is fascinating with its two colors. I'm guessing it's a graft that didn't completely suppress the rootstock.

I'm glad you had fun with your friends.

happyone said...

It was so nice having you and Kathy over the house. Your salad was super - it really did taste like Mimi's salad!! The pictures came out good!!

Cindy said...

What kind of ipod do you have? I have been researching them for a year now. Our library has a ton of free audiobooks you can download, but it doesn't support IPODS yet.

KathyA said...

Who owns that BEAUTIFUL arm... The one on the left?
Neat --- waiting for the hummers. We're getting real close to my favorite month of the year.

ellesu said...

Sounds as if you had a lovely day -and the food did look yummy! Do I remember you mentioning a possible Baker cyst involving your knee? If so, I have those in back of both my knees. Major pain in the rear (uh....knee). Feels sort of like there's a water balloon taped to the backs of my knees. I don't know if the years of standing on cement floors when teaching, or the squats-while holding weights did me in. Anyway, they suck.

Jules said...

Happy Spring to you Cheryl!

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

oooh, you girls are soo lucky!! glad you had a good time!!

love the pictures!!!! the food looks delicious!!
now, here's a question for you: when the three of you are together, or when you're with bonnie, do you ever chat about the rest of us bloggers:)...and giggle about the sillys and cry about the sads..

I wish I could be there. :)

have a good weekend Cheryl!!!


Billy said...

Those pictures make me feel like we are all right there with you. Lovely outside!

Golden To Silver Val said...

Nothing beats getting together for some girl talk and good food. I love Karen's house too and I've only seen it in pictures. Everything is just so inviting and comfy looking. Recipe for the salad?? Will you post it? Looks yummy....and the cheesecake actually made my eyes roll back in my head. mmmmmmm

fiwa said...

Yum - that all looks wonderful. I'll be right over. :)

I love spring, and watching the birds in my back yard gives me a lot of pleasure. They're so funny and so interesting. I could bird gaze for hours. Life is exciting at our house. ;0)

Brad said...

I wonder if that tree is grafted. It sure looks like someone attempted to grow two trees in one.

Looking at the 3rd to the last line. I think you jinxed yourself.

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