27 April 2009

La De Da

Hi. I'm here. Did you miss me? This and that took me away. Living instead of writing about it, although one of the things that took me away was writing but not here.

I'm sitting on the deck. Em's in my spot on the porch reading The Handmaid's Tale for class. I think it might be nicer here. Total shade. The chimes are singing in the strong breeze. Where's my 'Life is Good' t-shirt? Oh right, I don't have one. I will say it's amazing how black clouds can come and go.

It's been brutally hot and sunny these last few days. In my younger years I'd be out on the deck working on that tan. Now it's my daughter, much to my chagrin. Sun causes cancer and wrinkles but that means nothing when you're 15. More than anything I pray she never, ever smokes. She'll get tattoos, and I'll hate that. Hate. That. I hope she'll change her mind before it's too late, but I'll love her just the same. Am I rambling? Yes? So be it.

I ran my errands this morn. Bought a heavy duty fan for Emily's room cause our upstairs gets so hot due to shoddy air duct installation (is that the word, Brad?). Bought lime (thanks Brian) and razor blades. Any one use Gillette razor blades? They cost a fortune. And that it's $34 for a 20 pound bag of Niger (thistle) seed at Walmart? I hope the finches appreciate my generosity. Anyway. It was a big money day. I bought 10 bags of mulch; a start. Went to the grocery store then stayed inside. On this brutally hot day with my AC not working. 80 degrees inside, and that's downstairs. I had the fans going. Thanks Mom for teaching me to have service contracts. They'll be here on Thursday between 7:30-noon for the routine maintenance and to fix what's broken. So as I said, I'm sitting outside and it's so comfortable. If it weren't for all the pollen, I'd have the windows open. I'm looking at the yellowish green layer on my glass patio table and thinking: not. I'll stay out here till it's dark.

Em just called my cell from the porch (aren't they great?) to tell me she saw a hummingbird at the feeder. The first sighting of the season. I ran out and watched for a while, but alas, it was not for my eyes to see.

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately. The active social life I enjoy at work is great. It feeds the part of my ego that needs stroking. My home life is probably pretty typical of a single parent of a teen. In other words, not too much fun. I'm ready for more fun. I'm ready for company. I'm just at the thinking stage, but it's a start. I keep myself busy, but I think I need a person.

And with that, I bid you adieu.

PS. The squirrels are actually eating the tender new leaves on the trees. Geez!


Summer said...

Persons are good.

Summer said...

That was me. Summer. Ha.

josie2shoes said...

You paint such a great picture of a nice day! Sounds like you actually got a lot of little stuff done too. Yes, a person... I think you would find that fun! :-)

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

a person would be lucky to have you..and they must know that they have to pass our blog A 1 approval. :)
this was so cute..you deserve one of those shirts..

tattoos..EM, don't do it!! i did and I regret it..
start with piercings...at least those close up..

heart..with a frustrating old ink spot that would cost wayyyyyyyyyy too much money to remove..
wait until you're 21..


KathyA said...

A post well worth waiting for!!! So you broke down and bought the thistle -- good for you. Life's too short.

Jules said...

C..... Match.com !!!! Come on. It's time. We can compare stories.

Jamie said...

I'm with Cinny - Summer. Persons ARE good. And it's about time. ANY PERSON would be the luckiest ever to have you.



Billy said...

When Em is off to college, you are going to have so much free time! What's a girl to do?

happyone said...

A person would be good and be lucky to have you! :-)
I'd rather have this hot sunny weather than ice and snow!! Tomorrow it will all change and be rainy and back in the 60's. This crazy MD weather!!

fiwa said...

I concur, any person would be lucky to be with you. Sounds like you've been doing some deep thinking. The heat will do that to you. ;)

Enjoy your birds - I saw a humming bird just the other day. It came up to the patio door and hoovered - staring right back at me.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

I apologise for the squirrels but sounds like the rest of the day was great. I'm glad.

Forsythia said...

Your daughter should get kiddie-tattoos. Once, on a vacation in Ocean City when our girls and their cousin were teen agers, they came back from the Board Walk with very realistic-looking roses and snakes and stuff near their ankles. My husband about had a bird. Lucky for them, the tattoos washed off. Plus, they had a great time rattling his cage.

Neponset River Bridge Dig said...

Hey there, Cheryl - Thinking of you too!!!

Brad said...

Your just lucky I'm thousands of miles away or my inner Yenta would come out and start setting you up on blind dates.

We had a hummer at the fountain last night and I thought of you. A little boy who actually stopped flying and perched for a second while Jay and I stood not 3 feet away and watched. First time that's every happened!

beachgirl said...

The weather was gorgeous for our visit to DC. But I am used to the heat. They say it was cooler in Miami than DC last weekend.

Have an awesome week.

Moohaa said...

Hi friend! I've missed you! I'm glad to see/hear/read you're doing pretty well. If you ever catch a photo, show us your hummingbird!

ac said...

A person should be so fortunate that you would let them be near you! And being a person who likes persons, I know of what I speak. :)

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

I enjoyed the post and didn't think it was rambling.

I bought niger seed today. Great minds . . . LOL

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