06 April 2009

More later

Rainy Monday in MD. My sister and her family are visiting from GA, staying at my parent's house. My mom and sister are on their way to my house for a haircut and a lunch date. Really, this is a filler post in disguise. I was trying to think of a way to use the phrase bait and switch here, but it only applies to Dell and the conversation I had with them. Grrrr. If it's not one tech issue, it's another. I'm a fighter, but with Dell, I'm resigned to the run-around. This laptop might be on it's way out. More later. Wish it wasn't raining. I'd jump on Metro and see the cherry blossoms. Not today. Salad at Mimi's cafe. Yum. More later.


josie2shoes said...

Spring weather can be a bit dreary at times Cheryl. Here the wind blows like crazy - turning the air black with dirt that manages to find every crack and crevice in the house. Yuck. Some days are in the 80's, some like today are in the 40's - very hard to keep up with. Hope you have a wonderful time with your mom and sis. Salad for lunch sounds wonderful!

Cindy said...

My duaghter bought a brand new Dell at Best Buy, got it home and it didn't work. Best Buy Geek Squad was no help, Dell had her send it to them, they 'changed' 2 parts and sent it back. She still can't get a wireless router to work. I will never buy another Dell! I have one too and can't tell you the number of issues. And the run around it amazing. Just bought an HP, the support desk is in Indiana and they speak ENGLISH as their first language. Oh, the joys of not repeating everything 2-5 times.

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