30 April 2009

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I forgot to mention that Emily's working. She got a job at Rita's. Do you have a Rita's in your neighborhood? They serve the best frozen custard and ices. Yum! This is her third week of work. So far she's been working 3 hours on a weekday and 4 hours on a weekend. Seven hours a week. I asked if she thought she'd be working more, but she thought not. Apparently they hire lots of kids and no one gets many hours. She seems to like it. I arrived an hour early to pick her up on Sunday (by mistake) and there were 32 people in line. When I came back at the right time there were still that many people. It was in the 90's and it looked like a lot of the crowd was coming in from sports events. Emily was tired. She makes the orders. She gets one free item when she gets off. Which is right before dinner on the weeknight. Dessert before dinner. I usually just ask for one taste.

I'm at Panera's now. I spent the morning and early afternoon cleaning and doing paperwork. And Facebook and e-mail. Back and forth. The AC guy came and put freon in the unit and some cleaning up of wires and stuff. It's back to working as well as it can, which isn't too good because of all the bends in the duct work. Anything is better than how it's been. Of course we're cool in MD again. In the low 60's but cloudy and damp. Better than winter, though. The rain we had yesterday activated the lime I put down, and rinsed the pollen. Here's a pollen picture from the bottom of my driveway. It got dammed up by cherry petals and weeds. The pollen is about 1/2" thick and dry. I used a stick to stir it up after I took the picture. I was just curious.

Here's a puddle ringed by pollen. Artsy, huh?

And another sign of spring: ant hills. For some reason they love the crack between the asphalt of my driveway and the concrete of my garage. I spend the summer sprinkling ant dust on them. Sorry if that offends anyone.

They also make a gazillion ant hills in my yard and garden. I don't like ant hills. You can tell where every one of them are because they're all white with ant dust.

Yikes! Where'd the time go? I'm gonna be late picking up my Rita's girl. I'm bringing her French Onion soup. Hope that helps.


KathyA said...

The second photo looks like someone's shapely bottom! The pollen has been rather thick, hasn't it?

I hope Emily is enjoying working. I think it's very good that they hire a lot of kids, but no one gets a lot of hours. No burn out and kids will work for them longer because they won't burn out. I hate it when some businesses take advantage of kids.

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

I love the photo in your sidebar.

That pollen is really thick. I hope you don't have allergies.

Cheryl said...

Luckily, no springtime allergies :)

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

wow! that's crazy! I've never actually seen pollen before.
What does the Lime do? Is is something to help draw the pollen out away from the yard?

just curious since my dad's allergies are just awful.

YICK ants..I'm with you--don't like them because I've been bit by them by sitting on an ant hill lonnngggg time ago.

feeling better!! :)

Yum..I'll have some!!, we don't have a rita's..but it bet it's amazingly delicious!

happyone said...

Wow that is a lot of pollen.
I thought the exact same thing about the second picture as Kathy. :-)
We used to have ants all the time at the old house. None so far here yet. I'm sure it's only a matter of time though.
Enjoy your Friday!!

LM said...

I thought we had a lot of pollen in Wisconsin but it's nothing compared to yours. Good luck getting rid of the ants and their hills!

Portia said...

Great photos, the new profile pic included! LOVE IT.
That pollen picture really shows how much of it there is. We wash our car one day and it is yellow the next. I hope you're not as allergic as I seem to be this year. I was so sick over the weekend I thought I had the flu but it was just allergies.
Emily's job sounds like a fun one! I hope she continues to enjoy it.

Jamie said...

You take the greatest pics...

I am happy to hear that Em likes working. It's just difficult to raise a teen GIRL, isn't it?

Happy weekend!


ac said...

Good for Em having a j o b.

That's a whole lotta pollen on the ground there. My nose is itching just looking at the pic. ha!

Summer said...

Come this way.

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