21 January 2010

I'm done with sugar, and other musings

Hi. I'm at Caribou Coffee with my latte. How can every coffee shop make their lattes so differently? My favorite lattes come from Borders. They're just the best. At Borders I ask for a caramel latte, extra hot, extra shot, skim with extra syrup on top. I ask for the same thing at Caribou and it tastes nothing like the one I love at Borders. At Starbucks I ask for the same but with no foam, because they fill it with foam and you get so much less latte.

I drove Emily to school this morning, then headed to my doctor's appointment. I thought it was at 9:50. It was at 8:50. I sped like crazy and was only 10 minutes late. I'm so glad I didn't get a ticket. I'm hanging at Caribou for a while, then I'm heading to my mom's. We'll do lunch.

I thought I'd post a few pics. I've mentioned that Emily's playing indoor field hockey. It's an interesting game. I've mentioned I don't really 'do' sports and don't know any rules. This game is fast and fun and so different from outdoor FH. It reminds me of air hockey or pool in that they use the wooden boards to richochet the ball. Am I saying that right? They play two 25 minute games, and the clock doesn't stop except for the 5 minutes between games. They don't change sides. And that's indoor FH.

To totally change the subject...I walked by the guest room the other day and saw this sunrise. It brought back such memories. This used to be Emily's room, and I saw so many sunrises as I sat in my rocker and nursed her.

Change again. Here's a picture of Rob and Lulo from International Guitar Night. He wanted to take a picture of me with Lulo but that would have been weird. I do have a great picture of me with Fabio of 'I Can't Believe It's Not Butter' fame. I'll have to scan and post that one some day.

My time here is winding down. Mom is waiting for me. I've mentioned that her favorite activity is eaingt out? Today she wants to go to Ruby Tuesday. She has a BOGO coupon. I'd rather have a Lean Cuisine. If you read my status last night on FB you'll know I ate a whole bag of Jelly Bellys. I know they only have 4 calories per bean, but the bag had 140 grams of sugar. If my calculations are correct, that means I consumed the equivalent of 33.33 teaspoons of sugar in one sitting. 'Nuff said? I've had that bag since Christmas and didn't even crave it. Till last night. It's a new day, and all I have to worry about now is chocolate.



Leann said...

Rob is a nice looking gentleman. Why would it have been weird for you to have your picture taken with him?

Anyway, enjoy your lunch with your Mum and ttyl!

Cheryl said...

Hi Leann,
I didn't want to look like a groupie! Lunch at Ruby Tuesday was great. I picked a healthy entree, hard as that was.

Rick Rockhill said...

love those field hockey pics, you must be proud

Jamie said...

Em is so adorable. That sunrise photo was great, too. How awesome that you still live in the same house all these years.

Happy Friday, friend. :)

KathyA said...

Neat sunrise photo! Who is Lulo?

Golden To Silver Val said...

Boy, ain't it the truth....houses hold so many memories. I get sentimental over houses....I cried when we left our last one and I've been at this one for 38 years now. Its the only home my kids remember. Have a great weekend!!

Mary said...

Rob travels in interesting circles. You should have had your pic made with Lulo. Nothing wierd about it.

Rob is truly a handsome fellow.

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