31 July 2008

Boy have I been busy. Surprise, huh? No?

I couldn't get anything done last night. Just sat around, and you know I'm not happy doing that. I'm a morning person anyway. And, true to form, I woke up early and decided it was a great time to clean. I love coming home from vacation to a very clean house. Well, now I will. It's done. Anyone remember what I came home to last year? A very clean house that stunk like an unflushed toilet that had been brewing for 2 weeks? Due to the bag of potatoes I left on my hardwood pantry floor? Well, that won't happen again. This year I want no surprises.

Today is my last day of work! Finally. It's hard being a short-timer, but that's just how it is before vacation. I hope I have an easy day, and maybe even get to have a real cup of coffee.

I'll write again before I leave.

Happy Thursday!


C.A. said...

I am OBSESSED with having the house sparkling clean before I go on a trip! I totally understand.

Are you so excited or what??? Hurray for the last day of work!

Have a good Thursday, Cheryl!



Happyone said...

I like coming home to a clean house too!!!

My plan for today is to clean. I'd better get started - it's already after 10:00!!

fiwa said...

I DO remember the potato stink from last year! I love coming home from vacation to a clean house too. Clarke thinks I'm a nut for going into a cleaning frenzy anytime we go somewhere, but it just makes coming home all the much sweeter if it's clean. Plus there's no guilt hanging over you while you're gone.

I hope your last day goes by quickly!

hugs -

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

I am the same way about a clean house--except that it always manages to get dusty while we're gone!

Golden To Silver Val said...

The year my husband's mother died (I was young and only married 5 months)...we got the call and quickly threw clothes in suitcases, got together with his brother, sister-in-law and their kids and piled into one vehicle and took off. Driving straight through (12 hours) we were all pretty much of a mess. Needless to say our apartment was left in disarray. The whole time we were gone, I was nagged with the thought that I'd left the stove burner on and was so ashamed of how we'd left the apartment (messy) that I wouldn't call my parents to go check on it. (remember...my mom, the perfectionist). I was so glad to get home and find out it wasn't left on, but it sure did age me 20 yrs. So I learned a lesson...never leave your place in a mess. LOLOLOL

Neponset River Bridge Dig said...

Have a GREAT vacation, Cheryl.

You deserve it!!

Brad said...

Vacation ? What's that ?

Have a great time!

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