25 July 2008

I'm having a hard time catching up on blogs. If I haven't commented on yours lately, I'm sorry. Going away for a few days really put me behind. Plus I've been slammed by work, and I come home so tired. Right now I feel like a zombie...kind of dazed. I'm going up to bed to read for a while, then it's lights out early. I'm excited that tomorrow's coffee day.

Next week I only work 3 days, then I'm off for my real vacation. I'm getting excited! More about that later.


Moohaa said...

Another vacation! Woohoo!! Sounds like more fun. You're so good about getting around to everyone, don't worry about it!!

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Don't stress yourself trying to catch up, Cheryl. The blogs will still be waiting for you when your life slows down.

Golden To Silver Val said...

Yep, we'll be here waiting...take your time...no stressing allowed!!

Brad said...

You don't write, you don't send flowers anymore....Sniff....I knew you'd tire of me eventually....whimper.....

LOL! Love ya - have fun !

Jamie said...

Yep, don't worry about blogging - we will all wait.

I am so happy that your life is so full and happy these days.

Keep on keepin on dear.



Mo said...

Enjoy your day!

SOUL said...

rest up for your vacation..
even tho i'm also behind and have no idea where you're going.
wherever it is---

Summer said...

Isn't the beach the best place in the world? I'll try to post soon. It's been hard after losing my Lucy.

Enjoy your real vacay. I'll be thinking about you.

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