01 July 2009

Ahh, back to being me

I feel like a new person this morning. Totally rested. Yesterday was so weird. Now I know what people mean when they say they're exhausted. And why they need naps.

I'm all ready for my first day back to work. I look at myself in the mirror with make-up on and recognize the normal me. I think I've only had it on twice in the last twelve days instead of every day. Oh, and I just realized the salon is closed for July 4th, so I only work three days. That's a great way to ease back in.

Here's some pictures. The new parents with 5 week old Liam and my mom.

My sister Ilene, with her first grandchild.

Cousin Jonathan, Emily and the baby.

My mom with her first great-grandchild.

I'm a great-aunt!

And last, my birthday cake. Yum.

PS. Crusty (Elizabeth) is back in the hospital. Send good wishes her way!


KathyA said...

Great photos, Great Aunt Cheryl!!! Beautiful baby! Look how he's staring at your mom. What kind of cake is that????

Brad said...

I like that name, Liam - You look so tan and rested - you look great!

Jules said...

You inspire me girlfriend!

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