03 July 2009

Happy Friday!

I spent a good part of my morning catching up on blog posts. I'm committed to keeping up on them. I follow the blogs of people I care about and it's our way of keeping in touch. When I get far behind I feel overwhelmed and guilty. We know we don't only write for the sake of writing; we want people to read. Right?

It's going to be a full and busy day for me at work, but there won't be many stylists there. Lots of people have taken the day off to have a long weekend. The salon is closed tomorrow for the holiday, so it will still be a long weekend. I could say I wish I was off today, but I can't really. I was just off for almost 2 weeks and I leave for another vacation on the 19th. That's decadent!

I'm going to a "Knighthill Lane" reunion tomorrow with the neighbors I grew up with. We were really close with 3 other families. My parent's still live in the 'old' house, and a neighbor's daughter lives across the street in the house she grew up in. I think about 60 people are attending. It's gonna be great! You know me...I'll have pictures.

Enjoy your Friday. I hope for most of you that this is the start of your weekend.


KathyA said...

I hope you have a good day at the salon and an even more wonderful day tomorrow catching up with old friends.

happyone said...

Sounds like a fun day for you! Enjoy yourself.
We are just having a day at home. Going to get steamed shrimp from the Giant later.

Billy said...

I always like scheduling myself a day off later the next week when I get back from a vacation. It does help you ease back into the work life.

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