27 July 2009

The Party's Over

I'm home sweet home. In a way it seems like I never left. Maybe that's why I take so many pictures? To remember? I worked on my pictures yesterday, then somehow lost them. They're still on my camera, so I'll start the process over again, but not now. Now I'm going through caffeine withdrawal. It happens after every vacation. I drink as much coffee as I can when I'm off work. Then I give myself a day or two without, and really suffer in that I'm just so sleepy. Yesterday I had a small half-caff when I left Rhode Island. Just enough to keep me alert. Today I had one scoop of regular coffee to 4 scoops of decaf. Tomorrow I'll be fine.

Emily and I are going shopping today for uniform skirts for school. Tonight she has driver's ed for the first time. We'll see what the in-between hours hold. I will get my pictures ready and post them soon.

Happy Monday!


Anonymous said...

Back to the routine, ugh. That's the hardest part of coming home from vacation. After the first day it's ok again. Sorry that you lost the pix you were working on, I know how frustrating that can be. We'll look forward to seeing them on the second effort! :-)

happyone said...

Welcome back home.
I'm getting back into my routine too with Kenny going back to work today.
See you soon.

happyone said...

Also wanted to say Thanks for the post card!! :-)

KathyA said...

If we vacationed ALL the time, would we come to dread it?
I'm looking forward to catching up with you this week. I see you on Wednesday!!!

Seth M. Ward said...

I can't wait to get back to work. I am watching my money and getting by on foldgers freezed dried coffee:( Glad you are home. GET BACK TO WORK!:P

Golden To Silver Val said...

Glad you're home safely and everything is A-ok. Can't wait to view your pics!!

Jules said...

My postcard!!!! Came in the mail yesterday, adorns my fridge front today. You never cease to amaze me!

Thank you

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