15 July 2009

A hello, of sorts

I've been sitting out on the deck trying really hard to get into my book. I'm on page 93 out of 627. I really want to love this book but I just don't. I'm almost ready to give up. I've only stayed this long because it came so highly recommended. Outlander.

The house is hot inside but it's beautiful out here. The steamy weather comes tomorrow. I've finally put the book aside to have some fun. Yes, this is fun for me. It's fun for you too. You know it.

I was at Whole Foods a few days ago and had to pull out my camera for shots of these:

At least some of these are duck eggs. The rest, chicken

The whole store was a wonderland for me. I have to go back!

I was amazed by the sky on my ride home. The clouds were enormous.

As I was driving home from work today I saw an amazing sight. The most enormous tree trunks I've ever seen, loaded onto an 18-wheeler, along with all the branches. The first picture is blurry, but you can get an idea of the scale of the tree. It must have been centuries old. I wonder why it was cut down. It looks like it was healthy.

That reminds me of trees we saw at a home in Myrtle Beach. They were humongous with low-lying branches. I stopped to gape at them. One day we were driving past the house and saw tree service vehicles and men on the trees. I stopped and asked if they were being cut down. The person I spoke to said no; the owner of the house had employed them to have the trees trimmed every year for the past 20 years. That if it hadn't been for this, the trees would have been lost. Can you imagine the cost to maintain them? Those trees were centuries old.

Tomorrow will be errand day. Emily has a doctor's appointment in the morning. I have someone coming to work on my garage door in the afternoon. I need to find an outfit for my class reunion. Maybe I'll do some shopping in-between. I don't like to shop. I tried on the dress I wore to two weddings that I loved. Emily said no. I agreed. I wonder why I liked it the last two years and not now. I was counting on it, but a class reunion outfit has to be just right. You never know what can happen at a class reunion.

Well, enough about me. Or, enough of my rambles. Let's see what's happening with you.


Jules said...

I love it that you take pictures in grocery stores. And BTW Whole Foods is practically "church" to me. If only I could afford their blessings.

Golden To Silver Val said...

I see you in a knee length light airy spaghetti strapped dress with full skirt. Really feminine and summery....(cool cotton print)with t-strap wedgie sandals. Show off that nice tan sweetie! When I see huge trees like that....it really saddens me because it took so many years to grow them. Whey can't they make synthetic trees and save our forests?

Lena said...

How fun a class reunion!!!

That size of that tree is amazing.

I don't believe I have ever seen ostrich eggs.

Seth M. Ward said...

It amazes me sometimes the things I would see behind a truck. Most have know clue what would happen if trucks stopped. Liked the pics. The eggs gave me a gast and the skyline was amazing! Be good to yourself!

Forsythia said...

I wonder how many of those outlandish eggs they sell and if people actually eat them. I guess so. Enjoy your class reunion.

Summer said...

Were the trees in MB live oaks?

Cheryl said...

Hi MAW, Yes, I do believe they were! I'm sorry I didn't snap some pictures. There's always next year...

KathyA said...

Where was the Whole Foods you went to? I love shopping there.
Wow, those trunks are huge!

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