20 July 2009

Just a peek at my vacation


The drive to Cape Cod was wonderful. So much better than my trips down south. The time just flew. Literally. The sky was the bluest blue. The clouds huge and white and beautiful. I listened to my book, listened to music. Stopped many times for coffee. Many times for the bathroom. It was pretty amazing. Berni's house is wonderful. Exactly how you'd picture a New England house. Weather-beaten shingles, white picket fence, lots of hydrangeas, lavender and daisies, etc... The walls inside are yellow with lots of blue accents. Very comfortable. There's a constant breeze blowing. I can't keep my eyes off the architecture, the homes and gardens and the shore.

Last night we went for a dinner of fried seafood. It was...good but heavy. Today we went food shopping (Trader Joes's too!)then to the beach. I was expecting freezing water but it was fine. And so clear. The sand is very soft and kind of hard to walk in. It was partly cloudy, which was great. I took lots of pictures, as usual.

I made tomato pie for dinner and Berni made salad. Delicious. We're in Panera's to use the Internet. Then we'll go out for ice cream. I have no idea what tomorrow holds.

Here's a few pictures. Panera's is closing so I have to go!

I was fascinated by this group of very tattooed people. Then I heard someone say, she's taking pictures of us. Then I took pictures of all kinds of things to pretend I wasn't. Then one very nice girl came over and explained that they're all friends, and professionals. She pointed out the teachers, the accountants, etc...I apologized, then asked questions. I thanked her for being so gracious.

See how clear the water is?

Canada geese at the beach?

A very cool church. I'll talk about those rocks later.


Seth M. Ward said...

Man it sounds like you are having such a great time! I'm glad you are! Keep up the great writing! Your pictures are amazing!

Jamie said...

LOVE it! :)

KathyA said...

You got caught taking pictures!!! (I'm singing this...) The beach looks great!

happyone said...

The house sounds so warm and welcoming. I'd love to see it. So glad the drive went smoothly for you and happy you are having such a good time.
See you when you get back. :-)

Lynx217 said...

GEESE?!? Dangit there IS no escaping them, is there?

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