23 July 2009

Many pictures, few words.

We're at Barnes and Noble for an Internet break. I'll be around another day for a post with stories. I'm having the best time!!

Just after sunset at Rock Harbor.

My very comfortable room. I've fallen asleep instantly every night.

I'm fascinated by these stones. This is the front of a church. Fences made out of these stones can be found everywhere.

We visited long time clients of mine who have a home in N. Falmouth. It turns out Bernice knew them. They have a 120 year old house overlooking Buzzard's Bay.

A large New England home in a cluster of homes owned by the family that owns Ken's Salad Dressings, etc...

This is how clear the water was at Buzzard's Bay.

Lobster doubles for dinner.

I've been told that New England steeples are usually much taller than this.

Sand dunes close to Provincetown.

Our whale-watching boat.

Whales! We saw 15-18 humpbacks and 8 finbacks.

The harbor at P-town.


Low tide

Still life with dog bowl.

The oldest/only (?) lifesaving station left on Cape Cod. It's been fully restored. There were thousands of shipwrecks off the coast.

A nearby building. It seemed to be abandoned except for the CD's I could see in one window.

Sand dunes.

Loved all the blow-up toys on the roof.

Great sign, huh?


Seth M. Ward said...

lol LOVED that sign!

Anonymous said...

Oooh, the purple toes pic is just lovely!

Golden To Silver Val said...

Love the sights....looks like you're having a great time!

happyone said...

So glad you're having such a good time.
Great collection of pictures!!!
I love the stone church.

Gin said...

What a great time you must be having! Your photos are wonderful!!! I love the clear water pic...GREAT toenail polish!!

KathyA said...

Absolutely marvelous photos. And the whales!!!!

Jules said...

My favorite?? The purple toes.... It's so you. Beautiful, beautiful.....

Lena said...

Love your photos. We usually are at the Cape sometime in July, but did not make it up there this summer. I was thinking how cool it would have been to be walking in P-town and running into you.

Rick Rockhill said...

Ok, this is a quintessential New England vacation! How fantastic. Really glad you are enjoying it so well.

marykay said...

I love all the pics, my Mom is there right now for the next 2 wks. It looks like fun!

Summer said...

Moi looks like your daughter's sister.

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