05 July 2009

Happy Day

Emily and I are about to leave for an Annapolis Arts fest. It's great to be doing things with her again. Things are SO much better at home!

The old neighborhood reunion yesterday was SO wonderful. There were well over 60 people in attendance. We have to make it a yearly event! So many memories, so much love. We were a close-knit group of people, growing up in Bowie, an original Levitt community. I think my parents bought their house for $14,000. They scrimped and saved, and the rest is history. I love that they still live in the house I grew up in and that so many of my nieces and nephews went to the same schools I went to. Here's some family pictures from the day.

Emily and two of her cousins.

Sister Lisa, Cousin Sean, Lisa's son Ryan, Emily and Ashley.

Me and Mom and my SIL Cindy and my niece Hannah.

Do we look related?

The original sets of best-friend neighbors.

My mom and her best friends. Two have moved away, but they still visit.

Mom, my SIL and my brother Steve

I hope everyone is doing something this weekend that makes them happy. Life's short...make the best of it.

Happy day friends!


SOUL said...

looks like a perfect day!
and sounds like another good one on the way---
good for you! (and EM)
and YES you DO look related!

happy sunday!

Lena said...

How lucky you all are!! So special, thank you for sharing!!

Cindy said...

I love art fests, I am doing an art show in September, demonstrating glass bead making. IT should be fun, it's always great to introduce more people to hot glass work. They find it extremely interesting.

KathyA said...

Yes, you DO look related!!! Also, looks like a wonderful time for everyone.

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

that looks like alot of fun! I love the top you have on! It really pops with fun color!
Happy fourth and tell us alla bout that art festival! :) (Or show us with your awesome pics) :)

Neponset River Bridge Dig said...

Happy Day indeed!

Forsythia said...

The weather was great, wasn't it? Just right for a reunion...sunny, but not hot or humid.

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