02 April 2007

Early afternoon
I'm at my local library, the largest in my county. I'm here for help, and thought I'd get on the Internet while I'm waiting for some files to load onto my laptop. I've had the most frustrating time with downloading an audio book onto my computer and then onto my mp3 player. I'm really kind of depressed about it. I spent at least 3 hours working on it yesterday. I went to my 23-year old nephew's house today for help, and he couldn't figure it out. I've been at the library working with their tech person for probably an hour and a half. It's a gorgeous day outside and here I am. I could have read the book for all the time I've spent on it. I'm not usually a moaner and complainer. I try very hard to understand things I don't know about. It's days like this that I just feel like giving up.

I think I've written about my love of audio books before. I started listening to them at least 15 years ago when the selection was so minimal you could only find abridged versions on cassette tape. From where I'm sitting at this library that has 60 computer stations, there are 3 double-sided racks of audio books, and a huge selection of free downloadable books online (they load into a temporary file for three weeks, but can be renewed). I'm never without a book to listen to in my car. The collection of CD's, as opposed to cassettes, is slowly taking over. I made sure when I bought my car 3 years ago that it had a CD player and cassette player. I wouldn't have bought it if it didn't. If you haven't tried listening to the book that I am sadly coming to the end of: The Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls, I would highly recommend it. I think anyone would be hooked.

Late afternoon
The person who helped me at the library was so nice. And interesting. We had a lot of time to talk in the 2 hours I was there. She works part-time for a marketing firm, part time at the library teaching tech-related classes, and her free time entering sweepstakes on the Internet. She told me she wins things all the time. A trip to Napa, cash, trips to the beach, etc. She listens to audio books while she does that. Her husband plays Texas Hold Em online. He started with $10 free money, and is up about $300 so she doesn't mind. So, having this conversation with someone I would never have met kind of make the time spent waiting for the book to download worthwhile. It took at least 45 minutes. And guess what? I can't find it on my mp3.

I came home and tried to go online. You guessed it. No Internet connection. I called the cable company and was told there's a problem either inside or out, and though it's working temporarily, it will go out again. They'll be here on Thursday morn.

This is rambling, but, it might be all I write for days, so bear with me.

I went out for a walk. It's probably in the 80's today, very breezy, bright blue sky with beautiful clouds. I took my camera to try to capture some of the beauty. I walked over to the Beaver Pond, and thought I saw the beaver. Turned out to be a muskrat. It looked like a big, swimming rat. I watched it on dry land for a while, till it swam away.

I saw a woodpecker in my neighbor's garden. I thought it was a morning dove at first till I saw the red head. I love woodpeckers, but have never seen one walking around on the ground. I followed it for quite a while, snapping away.


I spent the next few hours on my front porch. The day really turned around. I'm listening to Corinne Rae Bailey on my mp3 player now. Not an audiobook. Still, life is fine.


Anonymous said...

Have you asked your daughter for help with the MP3 player? It amazes me how easily the young ones figure this stuff out.

The pictures are wonderful...your skies are just so BLUE!

Andrew said...

I loved the pictures as well. I wish I lived closer. I bet I could figure that mp3 player and audio book dilemna out in 3 seconds flat. I especially like the picture of Emily getting her haircut by you. I thought that was a cool mother/daughter moment and love her new hair.

captain corky said...

Very pretty pictures. I hate when my connection is screwed up and I have to deal with the cable company more than just about anything.

Terroni said...

I have such sympathy. I spent several hours fighting with my sister's mp3 players this summer. I got one to work but not the other (and I did the same thing to both of them). *clenched jaw Gerrr!*

Great pictures, by the way. I like the one of your daughter sitting at the computer with one shoe on her foot and the other on the table next to the computer. :>

Dave said...

Hi Cheryl! If interested, I have a line of audio books already in mp3 format that I located on the net... If interested, I shall send you the web site and how to access it. I have a few audiobooks on my ipod... Helps me read through books I wouldn't normally ready. Nice new layout and photo! It has been a while for me... Good to be back! :-)

Amanda said...

Lovely pictures!

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