24 April 2007

I think this is about the longest I've gone without writing a real post. The pictures I posted were just a 'spacesaver'. I'm behind on writing and reading all the blogs I love to follow. I promise to do my catching up.

One of my clients came up to me today and said she was just amazed at my blog. I forgot that I gave her my 'address'. She was very impressed, and I was very flattered. I do consider my blog to be pretty mundane. There are some amazing ones out there, and I'm often humbled by what I read. I acted very modest with her, but secretly I was very pleased. Thank you Sheila.

Tonight was Emily's first softball game, and mine too. I had to cancel my last color client to get there on time, but it was worth it. The team they played against was very good, and our team lost. The opponent's pitcher was amazingly good, and our girls didn't stand a chance against her. Even I was afraid of her. Emily got up to bat 3 times, and played infield and outfield positions. I think she did well for a beginner. Her next game is on Thursday and I think they'll do better next time. I'm just calling tonight's game the practice one.

For those of you who've been reading for a while, you might remember the frog that hung out on my gas grill last summer. Well, I'm excited to say that I have a new frog buddy. I spread Scott's Patchmaster on my side yard on Saturday to try to grow some grass. It's the green pulpy stuff that has grass seed in it. Very labor intensive to put down, especially if you follow the directions, like I did. I went out yesterday morning to water, and walked around the large patched area, observing. There was a spot about the size of a quarter that was exposed dirt. I bent down to look at it, and realized that it was moving. I have a problem with moles, and thought one was burrowing underground. Then the bare spot moved, and I saw it was a frog's head. What a shock! It looked like dirt. I watered the area, and the frog came out of his hole. I looked into it, and it goes deep and off to the side. I never knew frogs (or is it a toad?) burrowed. I've gone to check on him a number of times, and so far he's still hanging out in the same spot. Strange but true.

Well, this has been a bit disjointed, but it's something, right? I do think that good intentions count, and I intend to to write again soon. Till then...


it's on my way said...

hi Cheryl,

the first time i read your blog was by suddently. i found i am very impressed by your blog! i think you are a person who really enjoy life and have your life style. i'm sure i will be your honor reader

Amanda said...

What a cute froggie! He certainly picked a hot spot to chill. He should be glad you're not into frog-legs!

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