05 April 2007

Sorry it took so long to write a 'real' post. Also, I'm behind on reading my blogs. That's what I'll be doing in the morning...catching up. I'll look forward to that.

I'm at my parent's house. I think I've said it's where I grew up. My Mom and I and my sister from GA are in the den, and they're watching Oprah. Today's show is about families living with autism. The statistics are shocking. It's actually hard to be in the same room and not watch it. As frustrated as I can be with my daughter's behavior, I am counting my lucky stars that she is healthy. That is truly a blessing.

Much of my family will be gathered together tonight for our 'faux' Passover meal. A few days late, a little unorthodox, but we'll be together, and that's what counts. We'll have chicken soup with matzo balls and farfel, gefilte fish, brisket, potato casserole, broccoli, and matzo. We made a dessert like the one I had made with the crackers, but we used matzo. There should be 13 to 15 of us.

I feel so guilty when I don't post regularly. I was so busy with Emily this morning, and on the go in the afternoon, then at the family home till 8:30 tonight. I'm just now settled in, and will be turning off the lights very soon.

I took Emily to a mall this afternoon on our search for a dress for my nephew's wedding. Still looking for just the right one, although my first choice is the one she had on in the picture I posted. What we did find today were two cute 'shrugs'-- little half-sweaters, very light-weight, that can be worn over a thin-strapped dress instead of a shawl. Now we can look at dresses with straps. That's all you see these days. You know what I mean, right? Too much information? I hate being one of those Moms hanging outside of the dressing room. We're always bored looking, and usually arguing with our daughters. We always want them to try on the next bigger size. We look at each other and know we're in the same boat.

My GA sister's husband and two boys met us outside the Muvico theaters and I left Emily with them to see The Robinson's in 3-D. I went to (guess where??) Staples to try to get help, again, with my audiobook problem. They tried, but guess what? They couldn't figure out the problem. I bought another brand, and will try it out. If it doesn't work, I'll return them and you won't hear another word out of me on that subject. That's a promise. Don't hold me to it if I can't keep it, though. OK?

There were 15 of us for dinner. I brought my big folding table so we were all in the living room and dining room. I forgot to take pictures of the group. It isn't often we're all together. My brother's son, my GA sister's three older kids and the wife of one were the only ones missing. (Hey guys, you were missed!) A great time was had by all. The dessert did not turn out. Think of marshmallows cooked over a campfire than catch on fire and you blow them out...That was the exact taste. We won't be using that recipe again. My Dad recently bought a slot machine, so there was a group in the den playing that. It's full of quarters, but winners go home empty-handed. A group was in the 'new' room watching The Illusionist. The rest of us hung out talking. I cut my brother-in-law's hair. Everyone likes a 'Cheryl' haircut when they can get it. (I cut my sister's hair on Wednesday)

So, now it's almost 10:00. I want to be off tomorrow too. I want it to be the weekend. Alas, that will not be. Two more workdays to go, and then it will be Saturday afternoon, and you know where I'll be.

Talk to you soon.


Amanda said...

I enjoyed reading about the dinner, I hope the audiobook problem will be fixed for you this time. I don't have much patience with stuff that won't work anymore...

Esmerelda said...

As a mom with boys, I read about your shopping extravaganza and I'm a little jealous. This year's easter outfits are (surprise!) the same as last years just about...so thanks for letting me live vicariously through you.

Happy Day!

Terroni said...

Sounds like you had a great time!
I can see why those Cheryl haircuts are coveted. If I ever spot you passing through my neck of the woods (you know, at a rest stop or gas station during a road trip) I'm making you fix mine. That reminds me, do you keep scissors with you at all times, or should I have some in my glove compartment just in case? :)

Unknown said...

I wish I could have been there to see yall again and have all the good food! I had to leave Seder after 2 1/2 hours, before dinner was served, so all I got was a piece of matzo (which was still quite good...it was a circle and a different crunchiness, made fresh in New York).

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