03 April 2007

Today was a biggie. The 20th anniversary at my job. Twenty Years. A milestone. I remember the beginning so well. My fear of change had kept me at a chain salon for too long. My clients were urging me to move on. Finally, I got the courage. I started collecting my client's contact information, and started researching salons. I wanted to do my homework and pick the best place for me. I knew my work ethic and that I'd be an asset at any place I worked. I planned to interview every salon in the city till I found the right one. I made my first interview appointment, assuring myself I wouldn't die from fright. I met the owners at a local restaurant, felt an instant rapport, and talked on and on about hopes, goals, life, etc... They offered me the position on the spot. I told them I had other interviews scheduled, and that I'd have to get back to them. It sounded like the perfect place for me, but what about my plans for all those interviews? I didn't want to settle for the first offer. Would this be settling? What to do? I made the decision that this place was the right one. Twenty years proves it was, and is, the perfect job for me.


Terroni said...

Congratulations on finding your perfect job, and happy anniversary!

So, you think you'll work another 20?

Andrew said...

Happy Anniversary Dear Friend. Mom is going to mail you photoshop on Monday. She is trying to get up the energy to get out of the bed. My father and I call her our secretary and she isn't doing so well on the job these days! lol :-P

Neponset River Bridge Dig said...

congrats to you on the big TWO ZERO

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