08 April 2007

I've felt a little 'out of it' all day. I think it's just from lack of sleep. The first few hours of this Sunday were spent lazing around. My mother advised it, and I obeyed. Finally I got started by 'erasing' more of my ceramic tile floor. Little by little, I'm scrubbing it with Soft Scrub. The part that's done looks erased compared to the rest. Yeah, I know. What fun! Finally I told Emily we had to get out of the house. Since all she'd eaten was Easter candy, it was time for a real meal. We went to the mall, thinking we'd eat at Golden Corral, and noticed that the mall parking lot was empty. I didn't realize almost everything would be closed for Easter. The restaurant was packed-no surprise. We went to Damon's and got right in. While waiting for the meal I thought of Andrew and how he goes out to the shopping center for writing ideas. I can say I go to restaurants for mine. That way I have an excuse to eat out more. Emily and I had steak dinners. We both used A-1 sauce for the first time. Don't ask why I never tried it before (I couldn't answer). We decided to try the movie theatre at the mall. We saw 'Are We Done Yet?' (The sequel to 'Are We There Yet?) It was silly, funny, and heart-warming. We loved it.

I spent some time adding new links to my blog. I'm still working on it. If you're reading this and I didn't ask you, I hope you don't mind.

Tomorrow I'm spending the day at a hands-on haircutting class. Trust me that it's out of my comfort zone. Hopefully, there'll be a good story in it.


Terroni said...

Are you teaching the class, or are you a student?
Either way, I hope it goes well.

Neponset River Bridge Dig said...

Everything was open on Easter Sunday here in Beantown. I remeber the days when everything was closed up tight on that day. I'm not sure what I prefer.

Dave said...

Hands on hair cutting class??? Yikes! LOL

I would be very surprised if there wasn't a story in it!

Hope you had a great Easter! :-)

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