06 April 2007

Today just kind of slid by. Is there such a thing? It wasn't boring, and I was busy at work. It was just a ho hum kind of day. The Dove's milk chocolate eggs on the front desk that I kept returning to kept my energy up. I had a good mix of clients. I did get to do my cousin Jill's hair, and it's always nice to visit with her. The ride to and from work was good because I'm listening to a new book, The Road by Cormac McCarthy. It's the new Oprah's Bookclub selection. I read one of McCarthy's books last month--the western that I didn't like. I'm giving him another try. So far I'm on the third out of 6 Cd's, and it's riveting. Plus, it's performed by one of my favorite narrators.

I spoke to Emily for a long time tonight. She was alone at her father's, her choice, and she wanted me on the phone till he got home. Her bravery was short-lived. Trust me that engaging her in conversation on the phone is a rarity. It was nice to have a captive audience!

There's an 80% chance of snow tonight, starting after midnight. Hello winter, we're so over you. The only white stuff I want to see is in the form of flowers. If it does snow, it ought to make for some beautiful pictures. Let's hope my camera sits idle in the morning.


captain corky said...

I've had enough of the snow too. It flurried a bit yesterday but that's about it. Have a nice weekend!

JR's Thumbprints said...

Here in Michigan: snow & cold. I'm very tired of it.

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