22 April 2007

First stop:Convention Center
What a day! I got an early start and headed to Baltimore at 8:30 this morning. I haven't been to the Inner Harbor area in years. I was surprised that it only took about 25 minutes to get there; I forgot how close it is. It was such an easy drive that I wondered why I stopped going. I parked in the $10 parking garage, and walked across the street to the hair show at the convention center. I put the pictures into a Tabblo so you could get an idea of what a show is about. I'd say this was a medium-large one. I've been to the International Hair Show in N.Y.C. and that is huge. I sat in on two haircutting classes. There were many classes to choose from, for nail techs, estheticians, salon owners, and stylists. The exhibition floor had stages set up with platform artists demonstrating their techniques and products. There were probably about 60 vendors selling their products. I was glad I went, and that I didn't stay too long.

I took lots of pictures of Baltimore, and I'll post them later. That was city #1. When I got home, Emily was rearing to go to Annapolis. A short drive later, and there we were. I'll post those pictures too. I was quite the tourist today, taking pictures everywhere I went.


Andrew said...


That looked like such an exciting day! Thanks for sharing this glimpse of your life today. I felt I was along for the ride. I forgot you had that convention and kept checking all day to see if you were going to write. Glad to know things went smoothly.


Amanda said...

Wow, it must have felt like being a child in a huge candy store! So glad for you! :)

Anonymous said...

My, my what a busy bee we are. :>
I hope you continue to have mucho fun!


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