20 April 2007

It was a good and busy day off. I think I'll post pictures of the day here. We started off by going to Home Expo, a division of Home Depot. It's an amazing, high-end big box store that's the place to go if you're remodeling your kitchen or bathroom. Kit and I spent a long time just browsing. She was interested in seeing the place and looking for more than the 4 models of faucets available at Home Depot.

We went to lunch from there to a place called Noodle Corner. I had Pad Thai with shrimp. Yum. If you click on the picture of Kit you'll see the writing on the cup. It's what they give you when you just want water. Kit said that when she went to fill her cup, everyone with water cups was filling them up with soda. So I guess the concept doesn't quite work.

I ran to the library while Emily was at the orthodontist. This guy hitched a ride.

Emily's softball practice was great! The weather held up. It was the first time I was able to really watch the girls bat, throw and catch. Emily did well. The other girls looked just like her, teenagers, and the camaraderie was great. I got to spend time talking to one of the other parents that I know and really like. I think this link will bring you to a short video clip of my daughter up at bat. I was the only one with a camera, of course. I tried to be nonchalant.

The evening ended with a great episode of Gray's Anatomy. It was a good day.


Billy said...

Sorry, couldn't get the video to come up.

Wasn't Grey's really good last night? Who do you think is going to get Chief?

Unknown said...

I love the video of Emily playing softball!

Amanda said...

Wow that was a really exciting day. The tai dish look so yummy!

Anonymous said...

i must say, i truly enjoy the picture of the fly (or bee, or whatever it was). good perspective. kudos!

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