19 April 2007

Ladeda. It's a coffee day! That's the best thing about the start of a day off. For a change, I won't be spending my Thursday with my mother. She's on her way to N.Y. I'll still be eating out for lunch. Kit is coming over this morning, and we'll be running around in Columbia. She's been wanting to go to Home Expo, and this is her last week of part time work. We'll have to get back in time for Emily's orthodontist appointment, then onto softball practice. I hope it doesn't rain again, and that there's a mother to talk to this time. I'm bringing a book along just in case.

This has been the month for education. We had an in-house 4-hour Schwarzkopf color class yesterday. We learned new foiling and coloring techniques that were actually practical and do-able. It was also a basic refresher course of the company's many color lines: semi-permanent thru permanent. The time went by way too fast with everyone hurrying to get their mannequins finished. The mannequin my partner and I used was from an old cutting class I attended. Notice the bangs? Most classes teach you 'trends' as opposed to practical techniques. My theory on continued education is that it's more of a motivator than anything. If I come away with just one new thing, it's worth it. In my state, there are no requirements for continuing education. Some people always do it, others don't. This Sunday is a big convention in Baltimore. I'm looking forward to attending that one. I'm also on the lookout for some new tools.

I'm going to look for new glasses while I'm out. I planned to buy new ones with my bonus money. It must've been meant to be because on Tuesday my frames broke, and I'm wearing my old ones. Choosing glasses is really hard. They're so expensive, and a major part of your appearance. Just think if you could buy them according to how young they made you look. I'd pay way extra for the 30 year-old version of me! Actually, I'm sitting here thinking how great it would be for jeans that made you look 10 pounds slimmer. I think I'll stop with that thought and get ready for the day.


Neponset River Bridge Dig said...

From one coffee drinker to another... Cheers!!!! Have a good coffee Day. I'll have the Hazelnut creme what can I get you cheryl?

Billy said...

Had a great cup of coffee myself this morning. Looks like you guys are having fun with the non-talking heads. Don't you wish some of your clients were like that? Probably not. I bet your clients are great.

Amanda said...

Hi there coffee-friend. :) I'm sipping an unsweetened, extra-strong cappuccino and enjoying your update here!

I think it's great that you're constantly learning new hairdressing techniques. Staying on top of one's game has never been more important than today with it's fast changing trends. The moment I'd stop learning I'd have to close shop.

captain corky said...

Devoting your day off to coffee is a great idea. Enjoy yourself and your coffee.

Terroni said...

New tools? What kind of new tools? I know nothing about hair. Are there like a million different kinds of scissors?

Also, as long as I'm asking, what do you use on your own hair (product-wise)?

Anonymous said...

I don't recall how long you've been doing hair, but my Grandmothers hairstyle was the "Ram Rod" right up until the end.

I took a quarter of Cosmotology, but decided I was too shy to work on people all day. I was the "finger Wave"-er in the class though. :>

You all deserve more props for being intelligent, cause there is more chemisty in it than people give you credit for. Bad Ph = broken or fried hair.

Anonymous said...

So, I'm curious...do you keep getting new hair for your head or what? It seems like you keep cutting it.

And I love coffee too!

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