12 April 2007

I thought I'd show what the falling petals from the pear tree have done to my garden and driveway. It looks like snow. I always wait till all the petals have fallen before I mulch because they make such a mess. Talking about snow, they're calling for it again on Sunday night. That is just crazy!

It was quite a day. I went to my Mom's and did her hair color. I always let it grow out way too much. There's really no excuse. While I was waiting for it to process I checked out my Dad's computer. He asked me if I could fix the screen. He touched something by mistake, and everything was sideways. He'd been turning his head totally to the left so he could see the screen. And, he spends a lot of time on it playing pinochle. Whew. It was strange to hold that pose for just the few minutes it took me to figure out the fix.

I ran to the library and picked out some books for my Mom while she read in my car. Then we were off to do our Thursday thing: eat out. We went to Applebee's. I'd never been. My GA sister told me she loves the Santa Fe Chicken Salad, so that's what I got. It was delicious, but was swimming in dressing. My mother got a half salad and half sandwich. The plate that the salad was on was so tiny that I had to lay out my napkin under it to stir it up for her. The salad spilled over, as I knew it would. I asked for a bigger plate, but they only had small ones because they keep the larger ones hot for the entrees. Long story. I spoke to the waitress about my salad and my Mom's and she thought I should talk to the manager. I was very nice, told him it was my first time, the food was great, but... He offered us a dessert on the house, which was very nice of him. We shared a hot apple strudel with vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce. See, I was out collecting stories to write about!

I stopped at the grocery store on my way home to buy Emily's Asiago cheese bagels. She eats one every day for breakfast and only likes the ones they make at Safeway. The cashier was so surly. She kept rolling her eyes at the customer she was checking out because she was taking too much time at the keypad. She was leaning against the side of her station, yawning and acting so bothered. When she was done with me I went to the manager. I pointed her out, and said, I might be old school, but is that the image that you want to be portraying around here? I told him of her treatment of the customer, and the lack of a hello, eye contact or thank-you to me.

I was out to make the world a better place today.

I had a portable dinner ready for Emily when she got home from school and she ate it in the car on the way to softball practice. The storm clouds were gathering and the wind was whipping up. I was the only female parent there. The other two men were helping with the batting. I sat my myself in my chair, freezing. You could tell it was going to storm any minute. I went to my car for my raincoat. Just as I got back, it started pouring and hailing. The girls were screaming and everyone ran to their cars. We were there for maybe 20 minutes. My first softball practice.

The good thing about being home early was I got an earlier start on my taxes. My wonderful neighbor does them on Turbo Tax for me every year. They are done.

I see Blogger is going to be out at 10:00 and I'm just beating the clock.

Good night to all.


Anonymous said...

Hi Cheryl!

I like this shade of blue and the border you've got going on. With your profession it's a good thing you've got some color sense! :>

I always order my dressing on the side, too many places like to mess up a perfectly good salad with too much dressing!

Glad you stood up for good customer service today. I don't take no fluff like that myself personally. :)


captain corky said...

I had Applebee's for dinner too. A bacon cheesburger. It was pretty good, but a bit over cooked.

Great pics.

Amanda said...

You're taxes are done. [swoon] I wish I could hate you but I can't! :)

Billy said...

I love customers just like you. In my business, we can only improve when the customer lets us know when we have done well or poor during their visit. We both work on customers every day, making sure they don't leave without being satisfied. You want your customers to be satisfied with the service they receive. I want my customers to be satisfied with their total shopping experience.

I find myself pointing out the good, the bad, and the ugly when I am out and about also. Kudos to you!

Terroni said...

pretty petals
so much better than real snow! :)

JR's Thumbprints said...

Snow? Sounds just like Michigan. My wife's a master gardner, so I can't wait to see all the plants & flowers, especially around our pond.

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