05 May 2007

I'm getting ready for work. Saturday is my only early day and my first client is always at 8:00. My first two clients are sisters, and I consider them both to be friends. They've never had back to back appointments, they're both getting color and haircuts, so I'll be spending two hours with them. They're best friends, and live across the street from each other. I'm looking forward to that being the start of my day. The rest of the day should fly by, then I'm off for the next two. The forecast changed from a brilliant weekend, to a cloudy one with a chance of some rain. That's OK. I'll still be able to get my outside work done. In fact, it's better to plant on cloudy days.. Monday will be gorgeous. Hope everyone has a great start to their weekend.

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Amanda said...

We got the promised rain today, so this coming week should be great for you guys. Have fun!

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