21 May 2007

So I have a thing for garden statuary. There's a set number of garden ornaments and birdhouses we're allowed to display, and I've gone way over the quota. I guess no one from the landscape committee of our homeowner's association has strolled by my house. Yet. I've tried to tuck the critters here and there. I've gotten most of them from DeWaynes, a fabulous garden and gift center off of I-95 in Smithfield, NC. I usually treat myself to something every summer when I travel south to visit my GA sister. I'd love one of their concrete birdbaths, but fortunately, maybe, there's never enough room in the car.

My day was great. How was yours?


Anonymous said...

I bet L.G.S. is going to love that squirrel when he sees it!

Homeowner's Associations, grrr, there are few things I hate, but those be one of them. If they don't like your critters they can bite your arse! :>


Amanda said...

Normally, when I think of garden statuary I'm reminded of my neighbors corny dwarfs. But I'd love to have some of these in my garden too.

captain corky said...

My day was ok. Too much work. I like how you're bucking the system. Keep Adding stuff to your garden. Fight the power!

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Awwwwww. What a chubby squirrel!

I'm with captain corky. Power to you, girl!

jAMiE said...

Hello Cheryl

Your garden creatures are lovely i especially love the more ornate bunny. I hope you can keep them in your garden.

I really enjoy reading your blog...so i'll be back again and again for updates.

Keep up the awesome work!

Anonymous said...

ahhh, I like your critters. Maybe I should forget all about the whole growing plants thing and just focus on concrete critters...they've got to be harder to kill off!

Anonymous said...

If Susan can kill concrete critters I'm concerned about the welfare of her computer. :)


fiwa said...

I like the moon face - it almost looks like a sand dollar!

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