09 May 2007

News from the doctor: everything looked good. I wish I knew what was causing my pain, but every test has come back negative. So, I'm just going to be positive. I think I'll call my primary care doctor next week to discuss all the tests and see what she has to say.

Big TV night again. I'll try to post later

PS. Mr. Groundhog is staying out of jail. He's no dummy. I'm resisting the urge to put my flowers in his part of my garden.


Anonymous said...

Good to hear, though it sucks not having a clear answer. My moms blood test also did not reveal anything, but she has really bad shakes in her hand and cannot even use the left one, so we can't just "let it go".

Yes, big tv night, I love to watch Crossing Jordan (though not so much anymore), Lost and Medium.


Andrew said...

I just love the wanted sign with the groundhog. I don't know why, but that makes me laugh every time I see it. Thank you! I needed a smile and a laugh this morning!

Your friend,


Amanda said...

I'm so glad the results came in clear Cheryl! Is it possible that you have suddenly developed an intolerance for a certain kind of food? (Not unheard of.)

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