24 May 2007

I've been too busy to write these last few days. Emily's team has had a game on Tuesday and Wednesday night, and has a game tonight. I'm happy (very) to say that her team finally won their very first game last night. The girls were ecstatic; so were the parents. Emily's doing so well. She played 3rd base and shortstop last night. Not bad for a beginner.

I'll try to write a full post before I leave for Chicago on Saturday. La de da.


Anonymous said...

I wish the girls' the best of luck! Everyone be safe now and have a good time.


jAMiE said...

Congrats to your daughter and her team for their win!

Have a safe trip to Chicago...will look for your posts when you get back.


Billy said...

WooHoo Emily!!! You go girl! Fantastic job on the win!

Mom, I know you are proud. I would be also.

Give us a post when you can. If anyone knows how busy life can be, it's me.

Esmerelda said...


Girls softball is one of my favorite childhood memories.

fiwa said...

What a cute picture!
Hope you have a great holiday weekend. :)

Amanda said...

They won, yahoo! Way to go Em!

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