10 May 2007

You know that old saying, if it's not one thing, it's another? I'm not sure that's appropriate here--it's usually said by someone who's pessimistic. It's just that I got good news yesterday, and injured myself this morning as I was using a vegetable peeler on a mango. It's amazing the harm that can be done in a split second; I can hardly look at it. It's not the first time I've cut myself with a vegetable peeler and I'm not sure I ever want to use one again. The bleeding took about 3 hours to stop. Emily had to put the original band-aid on before she left for school. My neighbor came over twice to bandage it before she left for work, a friend came over and thought I might need stitches, and finally I went to the doctor's office where my sister works and had a doctor look at it. It's not stitchable, which was actually a relief. Who wants stitches? Cutting hair tomorrow should be interesting. I have something called a finger cot that I'll put over my band-aids, but cutting with a band-aid on usually doesn't work. They get 'cut' off. It won't be easy, but I need to cut hair. I'm thankful this happened on a day off.

I was going to start a post this morning with an ode to a remarkable candy. I'd read about it, and wanted it, but it's imported from Italy and very hard to come by. Pocket Coffee, anyone?

I was at my friend Sarah's this week, and she told me she had Pocket Coffee. I was amazed, cause I knew just what it was. She used to live in Italy, where it was readily available. Since coming to the states, she and her husband look for it wherever they go. They found it in NC, of all places. She gave one to me and one to Emily, along with a box of Trader Joe's Espresso Chocolates that her husband picked up in San Diego. I saved the candy till this morning, since I only do caffeine on days off and I savored every bit of it. If you love coffee or espresso, try your best to find this treat. The Trader Joe's version was very good, but not as good as Pocket Coffee. Sarah looked for it at our local Trader Joe's, but it seems it's a West Coast treat. For now.

Well, it's off to Em's softball game. I hope they win this one. It's been 3 losses in a row, so far. They're a little tired of losing.


Andrew said...


That cut sounds terrible! I hope it heals soon and you are able to work OK.

That candy sounds delicious. You know how I love coffee. I might order some online and try it. I am supposed to be on a diet though. I have gained ten pounds recently due to my new medications for my mental illness.

Tell Emily that I am rooting for her and that I said good luck. I wish I could go to some games with you all. Take care,


Amanda said...

Pocket Coffee rocks! I invariably give in to the temptation during long trips to where else? Italy! :)

I hope your cut heals soon and the team wins.

Unknown said...

Is that chocolate on the outside of pocket coffee? That sounds great for people I know who need frequent coffee/bathroom stops on long trips...

captain corky said...

I do caffeine everyday. Can't live without the stuff. Maybe that's what Emily's team needs. A quick pick me up before a game.

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