12 May 2007

Ode to Kelly
I told my neighbor that I'd be blogging about her tonight, 'cause she's my hero. I even sang her a bit of the Bette Midler song, 'Wind Beneath My Wings'. (She promised not to tell anyone how awful I sounded.) She is my handywoman. And my friend. She's fixed everything from my toilets to my dishwasher and I don't know what I would have done all these years without her. She's got a very impressive array of tools, and knows how to use them. She's out of town a lot, but set aside today to work on my air conditioner unit. It rests on a concrete slab next to my house and over the years the soil around it has badly eroded. The AC unit was very close to falling over.

Today was the day to fix it. We dug a trench on all four sides of the concrete slab. She cut lengths of 6X6 lumber that we put under the slab. She even came up with the idea of using the jacks from our cars to hike up the back end of the slab so we could fit the lumber in. We got it level on all sides and dug trenches around them that we lined with landscape plastic and filled with gravel. We put more landscape plastic on top, then back filled it with dirt, and mulched the whole area. Am I lucky to have a friend and neighbor like that? And to top it off, she's even providing refuge to a certain groundhog, who is now burrowed under her porch, and not mine. What a nice neighbor.

On a totally different note, it hasn't been too bad cutting hair with my injury. I've been wearing latex gloves with the last 3 fingers cut off, so only my index finger and thumb are covered. It keeps my band aid in place and there's no possibility of hair getting into it. Did I say my gloves are blue? It's an interesting look. But it works.

I got a very nice flower arrangement from Emily, delivered to work, for Mother's Day. I love getting flowers. Tomorrow we'll meet my parents, sister, and nephew at Bob Evans for breakfast to celebrate the day. We did that last year, and everyone had a good time. I'll spend the rest of the day completely finishing my yard work. Yeah! Then what? I always need a project, you know?


Unknown said...

Kelly, you rock!

captain corky said...

There were two cops "talking" with my neighbor the other night. I'm envious. ;)

Have a great Mother's day, and treat yourself to a cup of coffee Cheryl.

Summer said...

Wow. You are lucky indeed!

Amanda said...

A woman who can fix stuff! *swoon* :)

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