28 February 2008

Dell is not my friend, Part II

I'll cut to the chase. The promised call from the technician never happened. Dell never called to follow-up, as promised. I was spitting mad. My voice was coming out an octave higher than normal when I called Dell support, again. I was so mad I was close to tears--I couldn't help myself. A very helpful supervisor took on my case. She put me on hold while she spoke to the technician and told me he would be calling within the hour. I didn't believe her, but what could I do? She said she would call me back to make sure it happened. So, she calls and asks if the technician called. I say, in my high voice, what do you think? She said, he called. It took everything in me to keep my voice down when I said, NO! He didn't call. Can you believe he didn't call? She told me she would call me back in 5 minutes. She called him, called me back, and said he would be calling immediately, which he did. He was sorry. He had the flu. His replacement was a no show. There was no excuse, blah, blah, blah. He's supposed to be at my place of work tomorrow between 11:30 and noon. I told him I would do my best not to be angry with him. A customer support representative from Dell is supposed to call me tonight, sometime after 5:00. It's after 6:30, and you know the rest. My hope is that when I post tomorrow, it will be with all good news. I'm so tired of this subject. Aren't you?

So, I spent the day here, waiting and on the phone. I organized my paperwork and got everything ready for my taxes. That was good. It was a busy day around my bird feeder and birdbath. There were 3 pairs of Cardinals along with a woodpecker on the deck at the same time. That made my day a little brighter. And it was windy, and you know how I love hearing the chimes. Moving on, I dusted my room. Woohoo. I met Emily's dad at her school for conferences. Emily is doing very well, and her teachers think highly of her. That was welcome news! I came home and watched last week's episode of LOST on Emily's computer. That had a surprise ending! And here I am. What a mixed up, emotional day.


Brad said...

I'm sorry Love - Its frustrating that with all the outsource and layers and layer of coprorate BS it doesn't even effective to tell the BBB anymore. I'm glad your feathered friends came by to put a smile back on your face. Thanks so much for the sweet B-day wishes.

SOUL said...

i absolutely hate to be kept waiting ! hate it. when i want something fixed i want it fixed right now. especially if it's my computer--and you have been waitin for this for days. i'd be flamin mad by now.

sounds like a nice day otherwise though.. no? :))

hope the rest of the night goes well.. and dell pulls through tomorrow!

Mary said...

Your experience with Dell is not giving me a warm fuzzy. I have a couple of friends that are also having trouble with broken appointments and promises by Dell. I'm going to buy a long needed new laptop in the next few weeks and thought it would be a Dell. Now I'm not so sure.

Moohaa said...

I was gonna buy from Dell as well, now I'm questioning that. I hear you about the high octave voice. That's how Roger knows I'm at the end of my rope.. I start getting higher and higher pitched. Then there's going to be trouble.

Hoping for good news from you!

fiwa said...

I'm so angry for you! What a load of crap. At some point you need to tell them, "You know how when you give bad service, the story is the person will tell 10 friends, etc?" Then tell them how many people read your blog and have read about the crappy service and the run around they have given you.

I tried to call Dell to order ink a few weeks ago, because Dell doesn't sell ink for their printers to office supply places (Staples has just started selling it, thank goodness)and I wanted to reach through the phone and strangle the person who was trying to help me. After 20 minutes, we were no further along in the process, and I finally got so frustrated I just hung up on them.

I'll keep my fingers crossed that tomorrow will be a better day.


Jamie said...

There is nothing worse than computer problems, at least technical-wise. I hate having them, and my experiences have been about like yours. I am hoping that you are getting it all fixed up TODAY. Hang in.


Karen said...

My voice would not only be several octaves higher but about a million decibels louder if I were in your shoes. The way they treat their customers is disgusting and I would also be telling them that they have been getting a lot of bad press from your end. There is no publicity, good or bad, like word of mouth.

So sorry to hear about this because like most people, I have been through similar. It makes you feel so helpless and hamstrung and like you just want to strangle someone. I DO hope they keep their promises THIS time.

Have a happier day Cheryl.

SOUL said...

just checkin in.. hopin you're in a better mood today-- and that dell pulls through. TODAY.

whatcha cookin???

happy friday!

bonnie said...

I think I'm going to call Dell and bitch them out on your behalf. I waited five days for Verizon. The day I left the house, they showed up. Now, isn't it weird how birds can cheer you up? They can also make you mean. The blackbirds have chased away all my woodpeckers, flickders and cardinals from the feeders. I want a BB gun.

Billy said...

Cheryl, I am so sorry you had a terrible day. I do want to thank you very much for being such a wonderful blogging friend. I really do wish I lived closer to you and Bonnie. I think we would be such good friends. I got my mail yesterday and was so pleasantly surprised. Thank you so much! It meant a lot. And yes, that is my real name. :)

Lena said...

Hi Cheryl... what a frustrating and maddening experience with Dell. I read ahead and see that problems are still not solved.

I have been waiting for you to watch that LOST episode. So what are your thoughts about the child?


jAMiE said...

Hi Cheryl..i will be back to read you tomorrow..for now i've left something for you on my blog so when you've got a few moments, please stop by and pick it up, k.

Enjoy your Sunday.
Take care,

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