21 February 2008

Gone with the wind. It's the best title I can come up with, but it only describes part of the day. I'll try to condense it. I got to Panera's early so I could have some blogging time before Bonnie arrived. My computer let me down. All it did was act crazy and I never did get online. I wished my book out of the car to help pass the time, but it didn't cooperate. Bonnie arrived, and we settled in for a long visit. We'd been there for at least an hour, when someone came up to the table from behind and said hello. At first sight, I thought it must be a friend of Bonnie's, then I realized it was Happyone. What a fabulous surprise! It turns out she had read my blog this morning, thought she knew which Panera's Bonnie and I would be at, and jumped in her Corvette to find us. It was a perfect first meeting! We have so much in common, and could have spent hours together. Karen stayed for a while, then drove her fancy car past the window so we could check it out. Bonnie and I both agreed we would have been nervous if we had made plans to meet Karen, but with her surprise visit, we never had the chance. It would have been a wasted worry, as most worries are. Bonnie and I stayed for lunch, then went our separate ways. I made a quick stop at the grocery store, and as I was driving away, I reached into my purse for my cellphone. Here's where I make the story short. The cell phone is gone. Missing. Vamoosed. I had it in Panera's. AT&T shows the only use of the phone all day was the phone call I got in the morning. I retraced my steps to no avail. I found that I was really attached to my phone. I tried to tell myself that it was only a 'thing'. I pouted and sulked. Then I went to AT&T and got a new SIM card to put in Emily's old phone, and that's what I'll use for now. Did I mention my old phone was fancy? So much for fancy. So much for all the phone numbers that I don't have anymore. Oh well. I'm over it; that's the good news. I sent out a mass e-mail asking for phone numbers, and I'll build it back up.

Watching Idol while finishing writing. I've decided not to watch LOST tonight so I can view it in high def tomorrow on Emily's computer. I'll spend the rest of the night in bed reading.

They're calling for nasty weather starting in about 2 hours. Snow then ice. Tomorrow should be interesting. Hope all is well in your neck of the woods.

PS...I've been known to send a card or two in the mail. Drop me a line with your address (and birthday) if you feel comfortable doing that. You know I'm no stalker!


Happyone said...

I'm so glad I stopped by to meet you and bonnie this morning. I felt like I was meeting old friends. It was a great visit.

Karen said...

How awesome that you got to meet a fellow blogger. I don't think that would ever happen to me since I live at the other end of the earth....lol. Pity...

That's a real bummer about your phone and I know how annoying it can be to build up all your phone numbers again. Mine recently went through the washing machine and all my customers numbers were in my phone. I've got them all written down but it's still a pain to have to put them all in again.

It still may turn up, stranger things have happened.

I watched the 3rd ep of LOST last night and I'm finding this season a bit difficult to follow. Especially the Sayid situation. I will stick with it though because I'm sure it will all become clear sooner or later. Have a great day!

Mary said...

How wonderful that you all met and enjoyed your visit. I'm jealous - I want to be part of the gang. Alas, I'm a world away - but I still feel welcome.

Sorry about the phone. When I was working I lost a Government phone somewhere between OHare and Dulles AP. I hope you don't have as much trouble over losing yours as I did for losing mine.

Lost is really complicated and tonight didn't help much. Enough said - don't miss it.

Check your email for address.

Brad said...

Sorry about the phone love - what a pain in the toukus - what fun to have a surprise fellow blogger visit! Sounds like you and Bon had a good time. XOXOBC

heiresschild said...

what a bummer losing your cellphone Cheryl, but i'm glad Emily had her old one for you to use.

it's after 4 am and still no snow. perhaps the weather people made a mistake. we shall see in a few more hours.

i'm loving Lost and i understand exactly what the producers are doing this season. for those who're having a hard time following, i think it'll make sense real soon. i also watch American Idol.

i'm not that far from you and one of these days i'm sure we'll meet up also.

Lena said...

Snow started early here this morning.

Thank goodness my son watches LOST, because I can go to him with all of my questions! My friend called last night while the show was on and I missed most of it, so that didn't help.

Sorry about your phone. It is so inconvenient to lose a cell phone.

Cool about meeting a blogger. That was a surprise in the real sense of the word!

Have a good day.

bonnie said...

that was a good recap. I used broccoli from my refrigerator instead of stopping for spinach on the way home. My dinner was yummmm and afterwards I watched the Wire while Steve slept through it. Then he had to wake up and read in bed, of course. But I read too and outlasted him.

jAMiE said...

I'm sorry you lost your phone, what a pain.

Glad you had your meeting with a fellow blogger...sounds like you all enjoyed it.

Take care Cheryl, enjoy your weekend.

C.A. said...

Cheryl, now you'll just have to get an even BETTER phone!

I'm so glad your friend surprised you..it sounds like it was alot of fun!

I thought about you last night...we had dinner at Panera! Yummy french onion soup in a bread bowl. I was wishing I had a laptop so I could have blogged about it on the spot.

I hope youre having a wonderful day!


Billy said...

Well, I am a little hesitant to tell you this, but I have a birthday on March 1. If you want to send a shout out, I won't stop you.

captain corky said...

Very cool story. Not about the cell phone though. At least you get a new phone. They get sweeter and sweeter all the time.

Have a good weekend, Cheryl. ;)

Moohaa said...

That is so cool that you met a fellow blogger. What a fun day... til the phone incident.

At least you lost yours honestly. I'm the dummy who left mine in the pants I threw in the wash. Did you know cell phones aren't water proof? That's how I lost all my phone numbers last year!

Gin said...

Oh wow, losing your cell ...that would ruin my day! You have such a good attitude about it...I would just freak! I got one of those iPhones for Christmas and if I lose that...I don't even want to think about it!!

I think that's so cool to meet a fellow blogger! What a neat thing. I should find some bloggers in my neck of the woods and make friends. :)

Have a super weekend!

Mo said...

Glad you had a "chance" meeting.

Sucks about your computer and phone. Oooh and the weather too.

You have my address my bday is 09/06.

Rick Rockhill said...

Cheryl- you are about one of the sweetest bloggers I've "met" in the Blogosphere.

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

I'm so glad you guys got to meet!
She, Cheryl is a wonderful woman, a WONDERFUL WOMAN!!

Have a fun time skiing!!


Jamie said...

Oh NO! I hate losing stuff like that...no chance of finding it?

Your meeting with our blog pals sounds so wonderful.

Hope you are having fun this weekend.


Annabel said...

Sorry to hear about your phone. That stinks. Glad you have a temporary solution using Emily's old phone. I still haven't upgraded my phone that I've had for over two years because I can't give myself a good reason to get a new one.

Portia said...

How fun to get a surprise visitor at Panera's! And I love that word, vamoosed, though it is too bad about the phone.

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