19 February 2008

I only have time for a sentence or two because my night was spent with Dell technical support and it's almost time for bed. And I really wanted to read my book. Pout! The bottom line with my slow computer is that it's not recognizing the memory. Not the new 1G, nor the old 256. When the tech figured that out, I remembered that this 'slowness' began the end of January when I tried to install new memory that wouldn't quite fit. So, I'm thanking my lucky stars once again that I decided to extend my warranty for an additional year. Dell is sending out a technician with a new motherboard and a new memory unit. Yes! Since I extended the warranty they've fixed a video driver, replaced the keyboard I spilled coffee on, and fixed something on the motherboard where the cord connects. My computer's like a cat. Many lives.


Mary said...

It was a good move to extend the warranty on the computer. Dell has always been our top choice. Sorry you didn't get to read - I started to read, too, but Harry wanted me to watch a movie with him so I did.

Brad said...

I've never gone for the extended warranty thinking it a waste of money. I may have to rethink that thought - Glad they're being so responsive and prompt - you don't often hear those stories. I'm sure your well tucked in and sleeping for the night -so here's my wish for you to have a great day today, when you read this.


Mo said...

Yea for warranties!

Amanda said...

I can endure an evening of playing computer doc, but only if I know it's going to leave me alone for the next 2 years or so. Hope this will be the case for you. :)

Jamie said...

Dell really is good about taking care of things, but man-oh-man, I HATE to spend an entire evening on the phone with them. Usually, i seem to be lucky enough to get a tech that I cannot understand. Ugh.

But good for you, and your puter!

I once spilled an entire cup of coffee on the keyboard, funny how that makes it quit, like right now. LOL


CRUSTY MOM-E said...

you've officially made me rethink my thoughts on extended wty's..granted, I have one of those suckers on the mommovile, but that's because I for one that sold cars for years, never seemed to have good luck driving around my own cars. Things would just happen to them.

Sorry about the lack of time with your book, but I'm glad that you're able to have some resolve from the computer woo's.
How many lives is she on? Because naturally your computer must be a she. :)


fiwa said...

I'm glad you have the warranty - what would I do without my daily Cheryl dose of sunshine?

Just wanted to say I missed you!

SpringMist said...

Laptop is it? I didn't extend mine and it has expired last month. HP. One year birthday for my laptop, I didn't buy a cake for it!

Leaking Moonlight said...

My daughter's a warranty gal too. So was my mother. And I never understood it.

Until I just got a new cell phone that I love, love, love. And realized that if I didn't buy that warranty, it would probably go smash boom on the tile within a week.

You warranty folks are just plain smart.

Moohaa said...

I'm glad you are getting it fixed. What a pain. But you support my opinion that my hubby and I should purchase a new computer to get a warranty. He always wants to buy rebuilt computers. Grr at him. :)

heiresschild said...

i love Dell and that's why i stick with them. they offer excellent services. i always get extended warranties on large ticket items like computers, t.v's, etc. it is a pain when you have to call them on the phone for tech support though.

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