06 February 2008

I know what will happen. If I start catching up on the 117 posts waiting for me on Google Reader, I'll never put out a post of my own. So, I'll do a little writing before reading. That is, if I can write with American Idol playing in the background. I'm not sure why I have it on. I don't usually watch the try-out phase of the show.

It was a great, crazy busy day at work. All great clients, including my sister. I always do her color and cut when she's in town. I'm her favorite hairstylist! My mother came along and got a massage. Doesn't that sound great? I work in a salon with skin care and massage and I never get either. What sense does that make? Anyway, they left for Panera's and I went back to my busy day. I could have used roller skates. It was my kind of day.

I came home and right away started dinner. Pan-fried shrimp, fresh gnocci with butter and grated Parmesan, and a medley of yellow and green beans with baby carrots. All cooked in about 10 minutes. Yum. Much better and healthier than the usual pizza. Em hung out with me watching the news. All the news: 5:30, 6:00, 6:30. We don't usually just have the TV on, but that's how it's been tonight.

And here I am. And I'm off to do some reading. Later!


Moohaa said...

Busy day for you! Sounds good though.. staying busy is a great way to spend the day.

Your dinner sounds sooo yummy! Maybe you should put out a cookbook?!

Take care and don't strain your eyes reading for too long. ;)

Lena said...

Sounds like a great day. You really should treat yourself to a massage since it is right there!

Dinner sounded yummy and nice and fast.

Take care,

Mary said...

I seem to remember how - many years ago - I enjoyed busy days. Your dinner sounds delish! I made the "Marlboro Man's Favorite Sandwich" from the Pioneer Woman's blog this evening. Harry really liked it and I guess that's what counts.

Andrew said...

I had 299 posts to be read tonight, and you know what? I clicked all and then marked as read. I just couldn't get caught up and will start over.

I like your days. That's is how I want mine to be. Busy and full. I am tired of sitting at home in front of this computer with nothing to do. Dinner sounded delicious as well. I'm hungry again now.

Brad said...

I'm with andrew - Just be glad i don't live nearby or I might develop a habit of casually dropping by around 5:30 at night. But just to chat, really.

Have fun catching up and thanks again for all your re-work on that post. Did you figure out why it happened ? I'd love to know before it happens to me.

Leaking Moonlight said...

I came by to say hello and see how you are yours are doing.

I so enjoyed reading about your getaway, and also seeing the gang. It's wonderful how you share your life, and your blog is like visiting with a friend.

Funny, I was thinking of massages today. I've never had one, and my salon offers them too. It feels like it might be time to have the kinks worked out. (Maybe for a birthday present for myself this month, but I don't know if I'm that brave yet.)

jAMiE said...

Gosh...i'd love a massage right now...sounds like you had quite the busy day, i am glad you got to relax...ps..dinner sounded yummy!

Ilene said...

Yup, you're my favorite hair stylist, and I love my new haircut!

Happyone said...

Busy means not boring.
That's a lot of posts to read. Maybe you should do what andrew did and just start over. :-)

Jamie said...

Damn, I want to eat at your house!


bonnie said...

Your dinner sounds delicious. I'd make it take an hour to prepare, just on principle. What principle I'm not sure.

SOUL said...

even your busy days sound relaxing.
and your meals are always so yummy too.
my meals used to be like that--well to an extent-- i mean i used to cook a lot--and somewhat healthy and balanced. now it's a miracle if i don't have a disaster the one or two times i week i manage to get in there to even attempt it.
what has happened here?
maybe i need a hammock!
ya think?
hope you have a great weekend.

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

I consider getting google reader, but, to me it seems like it's not as personal. Plus, then you can't write comments, is that accurate?
I always feel bad not leaving comments.

It's good to have change on occasion...the tv time is good for snuggle or quiet moments with Em..


heiresschild said...

i love American Idol, even the tryouts--some of them are hilarious!

i think i've been reading more blogs than i've been writing my own posts lately. it's actually been kind of nice, except for when people come to my blog--then they see the same old thing. lol

a massage does sounds divine! i think i'd have to go to work a little early.

have a great weekend Cheryl!

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