14 February 2008

I'll write a few words before Lost starts. I love this show!

Today's work day didn't have much work in it. I had lunch at Panera's with my boss. I went to Walmart afterwards and bought, among other things, Dove chocolate. Yes, I know. Mistake. I'm going to give one bag to a co-worker and another to my mom. That just leaves one, and I couldn't help myself. Could I say it was for Valentine's Day? I had my hair done when I got to work. Highlights and color. It was wonderful to be on the receiving end of this service. I did a few clients, then headed home, picking up a pineapple pizza on the way. I've spent most of the night reading a very sad book that came highly recommended.

I bought myself flowers to go along with my chocolate. How was your Valentine's?


Brad said...

I'll have my valentines present pic up on the blog in a few - it's cute. I'm glad you did a little self spoiling today, you deserve it. Hopefully your young Miss had a good Valentines Day to (fingers crossed)

I got lost on Lost, but I'm going to try again tonight. You may have a lengthy email tommorrow with ?'s


Mary said...

Cheryl, you are so together. I really, really admire you. Lost is my favorite, too.

Jay said...

I don't really do V-Day, but I did get a Valentine's E-Card this morning from somebody that made me smile.

Moohaa said...

According to my youngest, it was the best Valentines ever! In lieu of school, we did crafts all day and decorated the house in home made dino valentines and hearts. We just hung out and had a nice dinner with hubby's home made cinnamon-crescent rolls.

Glad yours was good. Do we get a pic of the new 'do?

BBC said...

Other than not having a special mate my day was great. I got hugs and a neat lady pulled two of my teeth.

Not that I like having my mouth messed with, but we did enjoy the banter.

Um, I suppose that you ate all the pizza so I will just make one of my own, I make great pizza's.

I think you need a hug. (((Hug)))

Portia said...

Very nice! I'm glad you treated yourself. So is the sad book any good?

heiresschild said...

i love "Lost."

i read blogs on Valentine's Day. that was special for me. lol

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