15 May 2008

I woke up at the crack of dawn and decided to just get ready and leave the house along with Emily at 6:42 AM. Why not? I'm a morning person, and have a full agenda today. Emily is staying after school so I don't have to be home till about 4:00. It's not that I need to be home; I like to be home. I'm at Panera's as planned. I've been reading blogs and commenting, but barely made a dent and my mother is anxiously awaiting my arrival, so my time here is about over. Boo hoo for me. I did enjoy a free large caramel latte, extra shot, woohoo! After your 6th espresso drink, the next one is free. This was my next one. Border's has a new frequent drink card too. Buy five drinks and your sixth one is free. I have three down. Starbucks used to have a program like that at Safeway, but then I guess they decided they didn't need any incentives. I think they might need to change their minds about that. Lots of competition.

I just saw that McDonald's is unveiling their new chicken menu and today is the day that they're giving away free sandwiches. Just saying...if you're in the neighborhood.

That said, it's time for a free coloring and cut. Have a great Thursday. I'll catch up with you tonight.


CRUSTY MOM-E said...

You sound wide awake! Enjoy time with your mom and that free sandwich from the arches, on your way home today!! :)


Mary said...

You're bright eyed and ready for the day. Enjoy!!

Jay said...

I wish bars did those same kinds of frequent drink promotions. ;-)

Dave said...

That is wayyyy to early for me! :-)

Brad said...

I saw that at Mcdonalds but the picture turned me off. I can do pickles on a chicken sandwich - bleh

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Yum on the espresso drinks. My fix is mocha. One of these days, I'll have to try the caramel latte as I do love caramel.

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