12 May 2008

A little this and that.

My postal carrier never picked up the large bag of food I left at my mailbox on Saturday. So much for my good intentions. I'll put the food in the box that's always at my local library.

I got these beautiful flowers delivered from Emily for Mother's Day

We've had a lot of rain, flooding and power outages since the rain started yesterday. School was delayed for 2 hours this morning, much to Emily's delight. I went to the basement in the morning, and water was in the basement. Fortunately, the sump pump opening is close to the door, and I wrung out towels into the hole, then spun them out in the washer and dried them while setting down dry towels. I've done this a few times. The rain has lightened up for now, but it's supposed to get bad again. I'm thinking I need to stay home to keep an eye on the basement. It's all because of the clogged gutter overhead. I've put in an inquiry about getting it cleaned out.

I was on the phone looking out the window and saw a bird I've never seen before. I went for my camera but it was gone. After some research, I found it's a scarlet tanager. It was beautiful.

I feel like a couch potato. I've been sitting around for hours! I think I'll take a shower to wake up. Happy day!


Mary said...

That's a lovely arrangement. Light, delicate, and beautiful.

We see scarlet tangers on occasion. They are beautiful.

Check your email.

marykay said...

I feel your pain with the rain, having flooded so many times I schedule my life over major rainfall, My dad was cleaning my gutters last week, God love him. The flowers are beautiful My little birds are mockingbirds the state bird of Texas yours is much prettier. Stay dry. Try to enjoy your day off.

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

beautiful flowers! She must get her good taste from her mom! How sweet!
I watched the weather issues today on the TOday show for a short while, and it looks awful along the path of missouri and clear east and south..unreal. I do hope your basement doesn't flood!!

I love the picture of this bird,..wow!!!!!

I left you a long winded reply comment in my world, so I'll chat with you later on..
Back to life as a mom!

Rain rain go away!....

Mo said...

The flowers are so very pretty!

The one thing I miss about living in a house is the birds. Oh and the ability to garden too.

Hope you stay dry and the gutter situation is taken care of soon.

Happy day off!

bonnie said...

They ARE a beautiful bird. I haven't seen one in years. Lucky you! When is this rain supposed to end?

Happyone said...

The flowers are beautiful.
I knew that was a scarlet tanager because I made a model of one when I was kid.
They are beautiful birds. I've never seen one in my yard. Lucky you! :-)

jAMiE said...

Lovely flowers...i hope you had a very nice mother's day!

Portia said...

How beautiful! I just love lilies.

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